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Compensation Claim Calculator for Personal Injury & Accident Claims

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Check how much your Compensation your Accident Claim could be worth with our helpful Injury Claim Calculator…

If you have suffered an injury and want to know what your injury claim could be valued at, our helpful Personal Injury Claim Compensation Calculator will give you detailed guidance on possible claim value. 

Our Compensation Calculator will help you to assess which bracket your own injury claim is likely to fit into and provide an estimate of the valuation of the general damages of your injury claim.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, and if recovery is still at an early stage following your injury, it may be difficult to determine how long you might suffer and if there will be any long-term effects on your life and employment. Special damages may also be awarded as part of your final compensation settlement. Special damages do not form any part of the values indicated above.

If you think you may be able to make an Injury claim contact us to arrange a more in-depth conversation with an expert personal injury solicitor to verify your claim and see how we can help.

(*New Regulations apply to Compensation Claim values for all car accidents after the 01/06/21).

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2 Compensation Guide

How much could my claim be worth?

Select an area of injury to learn about the levels of compensation that may be available.

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Please remember these Injury Compensation Claim Settlement values are provided as guidelines only and are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines surrounding general damages for pain and suffering. *New Regulations governing compensation settlement values for 'Soft Tissue Injury (Whiplash) sustained due to a car accident come into force on 016/06/2021, (see directly below for more information).

Compensation Guide

New Regulations on Compensation Calculation for Soft Tissue Injury Following a Car Accident

Compensation Calculator


The figures detailed above are non-negotiable, they are a set tariff which the government has introduced.  Compensation awards for soft tissue injuries resulting from a car accident are now approximately only 25% of the value of compensation awards made for accidents before the 1st of June 2021.

Personal injury clients will be sent for a medical examination where the examiner will indicate a likely recovery period.  The Medical expert decides and records in his report - the fixed amount of compensation you will receive. 

Please note that this only applies to soft tissue injuries following a car accident that occurred after the 1st of June 2021.

Personal Injury Claim Calculator

How much is my Injury Claim worth?

An award for personal injury compensation is based upon a number of factors, namely what type of injury you have suffered, what affect this has on your immediate and future life, and capacity for work. The duration taken to recover, if indeed full recovery is even possible are also critical factors that need considerations.

The Personal Injury Claim Calculator tool above covers only provisional guidelines surrounding 'general damages' In addition to 'general damages' and depending on your circumstances and the severity of your injuries and their lasting effects on your life, there may be other losses and expenses to calculate. Our Personal Injury Solicitors are best placed to advise on these details.

In assessing your claim, medical evidence will be required from a specialist to help address these factors and will allow your personal injury solicitor to place a valuation bracket on your claim. There is no exact figure for any type of injury, everyone is different and everyone recovers at their own pace, so personal injury solicitors and judges allocate a bracket and then determine where in that bracket your compensation should be.

It is natural that we aim for the top of the bracket for our clients, while insurers for the people or organisation responsible for your injury tend to aim for the bottom. Sometimes negotiation with the liable party's representatives can reach an agreement as to the value of the compensation settlement, that we would advise you as a client if we feel this is adequate. If not, your case will proceed to court, where we argue your case as to why the final compensation payout for your injury claim should be higher than what the defendants insurers have offered.

If you have been injured in an accident and you want free advice on how much compensation your claim is worth from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor then please contact us today to talk to one of our team. 

Using one of our specialist No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay in the highly unlikely event of your claim proving unsuccessful. Some legal firms don’t use qualified Personal Injury Solicitors to deal with accident claims, at PSR Solicitors however we believe that your case deserves special attention from a dedicated and qualified Injury Solicitor.

The more serious the injury the more you need a specialist solicitor on your side. Trust us to help you...

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Personal Injury Claim Calculation and Injury Claim procedure

The total work injury Claim compensation settlement amount is usually allocated in  2 separate parts, General and Special damages:

General Damaged in Personal Injury Compensation Claim Settlement Values

General Damages are paid to compensate you for post-accident pain and suffering experienced as a result of your accident-related injuries and any loss of amenity. They will also take into account the traumatic nature of the accident itself.

At the first stage, it’s very important for us to address your immediate well-being and healthcare needs. We must also start the process of evaluating the level of general damages matching your injury. This will be achieved by instructing a medical expert to both assess you physically and to prepare a report for your accident-related claim.

The expert will be given a full copy of your GP records which we will request in confidence. The medical expert may recommend treatment that will assist your recovery for which the insurers of the person responsible for causing your accident may be asked to pay.

The medical expert will advise us on the degree of your injuries and any likely ongoing effects caused by your injury.

Where significant injuries are sustained, the impact on your future life cannot always be known immediately and in some cases not even for a long period of time. The Medial experts will also consider whether any pre-existing health conditions have been heightened by your accident.

Subject to what the report says, we will be more likely to accurately advise you of your general damage claim value. This will be assessed from the date of the accident to the date of recovery (or estimated date of recovery) if you have not yet fully recovered.

Special Damages in Personal Injury Compensation Claim Settlement Values

Special Damages are calculated based on any financial losses you may have suffered as a direct result of your accident, including any future financial implications that may be incurred to help you recover, to compensate where the ability to work or to continue in your chosen career is prohibited due to your injuries, and also to regain and maintain the best form of independent life.

Financial loss or additional outlay, such as loss of earnings or bills for additional medical treatments and therapies will be covered by Special damages. In severe cases, special damages will need to cover modifications to your home or vehicle and unfortunately where people suffer life-changing injury, possibly even the provision of round-the-clock care.

Personal care including school runs or friends/relatives supporting you in daily life, housework undertaken by friends and/or relatives as a direct result of your injuries accidents, prescriptions and/or medicines you have paid for, such as painkillers or any other medical items. Travel expenses based on bus or taxi fares to the Hospital, Doctor or to see your Solicitor and telephone bills, damage to clothing or any other personal effects will also be taken into account.

Some of these items may seem inconsequential at a time when your only thought should be that of recovery, but they can all add up to place a further burden on you or your family, through no fault of your own.

As such, and as our case progresses, we will work with you to describe how much you have been inconvenienced as a direct result of your accident.

In order to support the ‘special damages’ aspect of your claim, you would be required to provide us with various documents including copies of your wage slips and receipts for items paid. Therefore it’s very important for you to keep copies of all receipts and information to support you with your claim.

We would also require details of any activities (even if they are only minor) such as driving, going upstairs, cooking, cleaning, and washing which you have been unable to do because of your accident. Providing details of care provided, as trivial as it may sound, will undoubtedly support your case in this situation.

Multiple injury Compensation Claim Calculations

As a result of having numerous injuries in an accident, which are defined as being injuries to different parts of the body that happen as a result of a single accident or neglectful act, can have a shattering effect on the injured person’s life.

Therefore, the calculations for compensation surrounding multiple injuries are calculated on each case individually and will take into account the influence that the injuries have had altogether on your life. Multiple injury claims are considerably more complex, which in turn could take longer to process, depending on recovery time and the severity of the multiple injury accident.

For a specific type of accident, one of the following compensation calculators may be more of use to you:

Verify your claim…

Contact our expert personal injury solicitors to confirm your right to claim.

We’ll just need a little more detail about what happened, so we can let you know your options.

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