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Tooth Injury Compensation Calculator for Tooth Damage or Lost Teeth Compensation Claim Payouts


If you've suffered an injury to your teeth in an accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Here at PSR Solicitors we can help you understand what you might be entitled to and help you through the process of starting and finalising a compensation claim. To find out more, contact our experienced team of solicitors today.

How our teeth look can have a serious impact on how we view ourselves, and how confident we feel smiling and interacting with other people. Having a gap where a tooth should be can lead to physical issues, such as problems chewing food effectively, but it can also lead to psychological problems such as low self-esteem and reduced confidence overall.

Here in the UK, cosmetic procedures to repair damaged teeth are not always covered by the NHS, meaning individuals who have been affected by tooth injuries often have to pay large sums of money for repairs and treatments.

Additionally, although physical problems such as issues chewing may result in NHS funded treatment being given, the methods of repair that are used may not be aesthetically pleasing and the victim may have to opt for private care to restore their smile perfectly.

If you've suffered a tooth injury in a public place, at work, or in a road traffic accident, call us today for a confidential chat. Our personal injury solicitors will listen as you speak to us about what's happened and offer open, honest, and straightforward advice about what the next steps of your tooth injury claim could be. Whether you're looking to begin your claim or just to speak to a legal advisor about your experiences, contact us now.


Dental Injury Claims

Given the enormous expense associated with private dental repairs and treatment, it is perhaps unsurprising that many individuals are left unable to access cosmetic procedures and must instead struggle with the psychological impact of suffering dental damage.

For individuals who do go on to fund their own treatment, paying out large sums of money because of another person's negligence or incompetence can seem extremely unfair.

Thankfully, individuals who have suffered dental damage because of another person's negligence can claim compensation to help cover the costs associated with repairing the damage, and to reimburse them financially for their psychological and physical suffering.

Although we understand that no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering you have endured, our experience in successfully handling the claims of thousands of UK personal injury clients tells us that receiving a cash sum can be extremely helpful.

The amount you receive will be uniquely tailored to your circumstances and will have been put together to cover the costs associated with funding treatment for your teeth. It will also cover any lost earnings you have suffered because of your injury, as well as travel expenses to and from dental and other appointments.

To find out more about whether you could make a claim for compensation after a dental injury, contact our friendly and professional team today. Whether you're looking for advice and guidance, or are seeking to begin your claim as soon as possible, our friendly advisors are here to help.


What is a dental accident?

A dental accident is any accident that causes damage to the teeth. Such accidents may include:

●        a cracked or broken tooth or teeth

●        the loss of one or more teeth

●        a chipped tooth

●        damage to the nerves that supply the tooth ​​​​​

Compensation Guide

Damage to or loss of a back tooth

£1,020 - £1,600


Damage to or loss of a single front tooth

£2,070 - £3,710


Damage to or loss of any two front teeth

£4,080 - £7,160


Damage to or loss of several front teeth

£8,200 - £10,710 


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What type of Tooth injuries could I claim compensation for?


Road Traffic Accidents

For victims of road traffic accidents, even a collision at low speed has the potential to cause significant damage to the tooth if the accident results in the victim's face making contact with the vehicle itself or the road. In such instances, other injuries are likely to occur concurrently with a tooth injury. If you have suffered multiple injuries in a road traffic accident that wasn't your fault, contact our claims team today to discuss your unique case.

As well as pedestrians, road users such as motorcyclists and cyclists are also likely to suffer damage to their teeth in road traffic collisions. Sadly, the damage sustained to the face following an impact with the road, pavement, or the oncoming vehicle is likely to be severe in such cases.

Tooth Accident at Work

If you have suffered a mouth injury at work that has resulted in one or more of your teeth being damaged, chipped, broken or knocked out, you could make a claim for compensation if you can prove that your employer was at fault.

Your employer will likely be deemed responsible for your workplace accident if you can show that they:

●        Failed to provide adequate PPE

●        Knowingly allowed you to work in unsafe conditions

●        Failed to carry out risk assessments or failed to act on the findings of the risk assessments by mitigating (reducing) risks

Such steps often involve providing employers with PPE, such as mouth guards, to protect from injury, and ensuring that machinery is up to date. If you suffered a dental injury in the workplace because you were placed in a dangerous situation that your employer should have mitigated, you may be able to claim compensation, contact us now to find out more.

Making a claim against your employer, particularly if you are still working for them, can be extremely daunting, but we're here to help you. By law, your employer cannot legally discipline you in any way for making a legitimate claim, even if your claim is ultimately unsuccessful.

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, it is important that you record your injury in your company's accident book as soon as possible. This is because the entry and the information inputted will likely be used as evidence.

Tooth Damage Caused by Slips, Trips or Falls

Slips, trips, and falls happen frequently and can cause serious injury. Dental injuries, such as cracked and broken teeth, are a common consequence of slips, trips, and falls, since such accidents often involve making forceful contact with the floor or another hard surface.

If you have fallen because of circumstances that were outside of your control and have injured your teeth as a result, you may be able to claim compensation.

As a renowned personal injury specialist in the UK, we have helped thousands of clients successfully claim compensation for falls.

Making a Tooth Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered damage to your teeth through no fault of your own and you feel there is evidence of 3rd party liability, then you are entitled to try and make an tooth injury compensation claim.

By employing the services of one of PSR's qualified personal injury lawyers, you can rest assured that you have secured the legal expertise and experience to win your claim and receive the maximum compensation that you and your family deserve.

In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, our No Win No Fee promise offers you the peace of mind that there will be no legal costs to pay, meaning no risk to you.

All PSR’s Personal Injury Solicitors in Wales and our Injury Lawyers in Cheshire are accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury Claims. Our accredited status as specialist tooth injury solicitors provides the reassurance you should be looking for and guarantees that we have the expertise and tenacity to secure the maximum levels of compensation for you or your family.

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