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Injury Claim Handling Partner Network

P.A.C.E Rehabilitation

Personal Injury Rehabilitation

P.A.C.E Rehabilitation are providers of a coordinated multi-disciplinary service to individuals who have sustained limb loss and/or serious limb injury, to reclaim their lives following life changing events.

Their experienced therapy team offer a wide range of treatments and care packages to suits every individual’s needs and expectations.

The therapy team provide a balanced approach to rehabilitation, focusing on the physical, psychological and operational challenges that amputees face, facilitating skills for life.

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, mentors and masseurs support the prosthetic and orthotic services.

Proclaim Care

Rehabilitation Services After Injury

Specialists in devising and implementing rehabilitation programmes to help people deal with the consequences of injury and medical absence from work, returning them back to health and back to work. 

In addition to their injury rehabilitation service they provide Absence Management to employers who see the benefits of investing in the care of absent employees in order to secure their earlier return to work. This covers all type of absences and other ancillary health services such as flu vaccinations, wellbeing checks etc.

The Rehabilitation Network

The Rehabilitation Network


The Rehabilitation Network initially identifies rehabilitation needs by visiting and assessing the injured person in their own home, or in hospital if the injury is very recent.

Where appropriate they access reports and medical records of treatment to date to complete an Immediate Needs Assessment.  They work with both the public and private sector, speeding up recovery by using private facilities to avoid delays if necessary.


Corporé Case Managers work in conjunction with all parties including, family members, employers, medical professionals and legal teams to assist the injured person in reaching their rehabilitation goals.

Adopting a collaborative Rehabilitation Case Management approach which assesses, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the services required to meet an individual’s needs, our Case Managers remain outcome focused throughout.

Frenkel Topping

Financial service advice, support and recommendations to the recipients of clinical negligence and personal injury awards.

Frenkel Topping provide financial service advice, support and recommendations, predominatly to the recipients of clinical negligence and personal injury awards.

They provide us with the confidence in their understanding of these highly complex and life-changing assessments. They also understand how complex these claims can be – particularly for self-employed clients and those with family businesses.

Their clear, detailed expert witness reports can be delivered in a variety of ways to meet the needs of their legal professional clients, who may or may not have in-house loss of earnings assessment resources.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Expert Witnesses

The team advises on quantum and other accounting or financial issues in commercial disputes, including acting as expert witness in litigation and arbitration.

They are able to undertake contentious valuations and assess damages in loss of profit claims, including competition damages.

Early-stage advice: parties can often be more focused on liability in the early stages of a dispute, but an early analysis of the likely value of a claim can help you to resolve a potential dispute more efficiently. They will advise on evidence required to support the quantum of the claim or to defend against the approach taken by the other party. This analysis can help you to make informed choices at the outset as to how best to approach the dispute.

Consulting expert: they can advise on the quality of evidence supporting the quantum of loss all stages of proceedings and the impact of any new evidence arising. They can act as a 'shadow expert' if you require a party adviser to avoid compromising the independence of your appointed expert, especially where the independent expert is a single joint appointment.

Expert witness: They act as independent expert witness on quantum of loss and valuations including cases of alleged fraud, breach of contract or breach of warranty, negligence, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, competition matters and insurance claims. Our experts have given evidence and been cross-examined in hundreds of claims, appearing in the High Court, arbitrations including investor-state, regulatory tribunals and the criminal courts.

Complex valuations: you may need to value businesses or assets in support of your claim or defence. Our contentious valuation specialists have expertise in valuing complex classes of assets, including financial products, and intangible assets such as famous brands.

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