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Motorbike Accident Compensation Calculator for Motorcycle Injury Claim Settlement Values.

If you want to know what level of compensation you may be entitled to following on injury you've sustained while riding your motorcycle, then our Motorbike Accident Compensation Calculator will be of interest.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorbike accident the consequences can range from the relatively minor to those where the injuries are going to have a telling impact on a person's life, and in some cases, there may never be a full-recovery. 

Obviously, ensuring physical and mental well-being should be the priority for relatives in the immediate days following the accident. However, whether injuries are minor or very severe, at some point thoughts must turn to seeking compensation for the pain and suffering caused.  

Compensation will also help to ensure that the long-term road to recovery is as smooth and structured as possible with the best medical care afforded to the victim.

PSR Solicitors can offer you all the support you need to make a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim.

When making a motorbike accident injury claim, calculating the compensation you can expect to receive can be a complex procedure. This is initially based on the seriousness of your injuries and the impact your injuries have on your immediate and future life.

Our brief guide to compensation values below will help you understand the range of settlement values associated with different types of motorbike injury claims.


Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim Values.

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Neck Injuries (Soft Tissue) sustained in a Motorbike Accident

Soft tissue injury with no lasting issues beyond 1 year following the Motorcycle accident:

up to £3,800

Complete Recovery after a couple of years:

£3,800 - £7,000

Recovery taking longer than two years but with only Moderate effects
effects are moderate:

£7,000 - £12,000

Serious on-going problems with ongoing pain, or recurring pain, and surgery may be needed:

£12,000 - £22,000

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Back Injuries (Soft Tissue) following Motorcycle Injury

Soft tissue injury with a full recovery within 3 months:

up to £2,150

Soft tissue injury with full recovery up to a year following the accident:

up to £3,800

Full recovery between one and two years:

£3,800 - £7,000

Where recovery takes more than two years but the on-going effects are moderate:

£6,900 - £11,000

Serious on-going problems with ongoing pain, or recurring pain. Surgery may be needed with the possibility of prolapsed discs:

£11,000 - £24,500

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Motorbike Accident Chest Injuries 

Fractures of ribs causing pain for a few weeks only:

up to £3,500

Collapsed lungs with a full recovery:

£2,000 - £4,700

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Arm Injuries 

Simple fracture of the forearm:

£5,800 - £17,000

More serious injury with significant disability and without full recovery:

£17,000 - £34,000

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Leg Injuries following Motorbike Accident

Hairline fracture or non-complex break of bones in the lower leg with complete recovery:

up to £10,500

Simple fracture or break of the femur:

£8,000 - £12,500

More serious fracture or serious soft tissue injury, without full recovery:

£16,000 - £24,500

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Motorbike Accident Brain Injury 

Very serious brain damage
£245,000 - £350,000

Reasonably severe
£190,000 - £245,000

£37,000 - £190,000

Mild head injury (minimal brain damage)
£1,900 - £11,000

£9,000 - £130,000

Compensation Guide

Settlement values are provided as guidelines only and are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines surrounding general damages for pain and suffering. *New Regulations governing compensation settlement values for 'Soft Tissue Injury (Whiplash) sustained due to a car accident come into force on 016/06/2021

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What factors are involved in Calculating Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims?

  • The severity of the motorcycle injury
  • Expenses surrounding treatments given and any expected future treatment required
  • State of changes in both physical and mental ability
  • Levels of suffering and pain experienced
  • Earnings lost as a result of the accident through recovery time and ability to return to work
  • All other financial losses including damages to your motorbike and protective equipment, including loss of earnings accumulated. 
  • Other expenses including travel costs and potentially other property damage

How much compensation can you expect for being injured in a motorbike accident?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, although each motorbike accident claim is almost certainly always different. It is nearly impossible to identify how much the claimant will receive at the point of the initial assessment.

Our team will consider all aspects of your injury and financial loss in detail to determine the total amount of compensation that should be claimed. The main factors to be considered are the severity of the injuries sustained, as well as the financial, physical, and emotional impact the injury has had and will have, on home and work-life. 

It is worth noting that when people make compensation claims with PSR solicitors, they often think about how compensation can help with their physical injuries and loss of earnings. However, special damages such as the psychological impact of your accident will also be considered when putting together your injury claim.

PSR Solicitors are specialist Motorbike Accident Claim Solicitors and have a long-standing successful track record in settling a varied range of motorbike accident compensation claims.

Making a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim.

It is possible to make a claim for injury compensation following a motorbike accident yourself if you are able to. Obviously, family, partners or even carers can start the claim process if the injured party is unable to do so. The time limit of 3 year on personal injury compensation claims means that you should seek legal advice regarding your road traffic accident at your earliest convenience.

During the process of working through a motorbike accident compensation claim, medical records will need to be obtained in order to establish the nature of your injuries at the time of the accident and prospects for recovery.

Compensation payouts vary according to the circumstances. With so many factors to consider, it’s almost impossible to state the amount of compensation a person can claim for a motorcycle accident until we have taken a more detailed look at the case.

Each year, hundreds of motorcyclists make successful compensation claims for injuries resulting from many situations. We have real expertise in this area, so please do call us to discuss your situation.

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