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Do you required an experienced and diligent solicitor to help you claim for hearing loss caused by a noisy workplace?

If you have suffered loss of hearing as a direct result of another person’s negligence, including a failure to provide adequate protective equipment or a failure to take action to reduce the noise, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Unfortunately, there are many cases of hearing loss and hearing damage caused by conditions in the workplace.

If you have suffered hearing damage or loss because of a noisy workplace, you may be eligible to make a hearing loss claim for compensation.

Losing your hearing can be a life-changing experience, affecting you not only physically, but also emotionally. If you have lost your hearing or have suffered damage to your hearing because of a working environment that was dangerously loud, you could be entitled to claim compensation for the suffering you have endured as a result of your hearing loss, as well as for any expenses you have had to pay out as a result, such as trips to hearing specialists and hearing aids.

In the UK, work-related hearing loss has been identified as the leading cause of adult-onset hearing loss, with the HSE estimating that almost 1 million people are currently working in dangerously loud environments. According to HSE statistics, between 2016 and 2019, 21,000 workers in Great Britain were diagnosed with work-related hearing loss.

If you work in noisy environments, your employer is legally required to protect your hearing from harm by reducing the volume wherever possible, offering health and safety training, and providing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as ear protectors. If your employer has failed to take care of your hearing health, you may be able to make a hearing damage personal injury claim.

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Hearing Loss Compensation Claim Values

If your claim for hearing damage or loss is successful, you will be awarded a lump sum that aims to compensate you for the suffering you have endured and any financial costs you have incurred as a result of your injury.

Predicting how much money you are likely to receive for a successful claim is difficult, but our compensation calculator can provide a generalised estimation.

Generally, the more severe the hearing loss, the more money the victim is likely to be awarded in court.

Compensation Guide

Deafness or Tinnitus

Total deafness (and loss of speech as a result)

£102,890 - £132,040

Total deafness

£85,170 - £102,890

Total loss of hearing in one ear

£29,380 - £42,730 

Severe tinnitus, and noise induced hearing loss

£27,890 - £42,730

Moderate tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss – severe tinnitus OR noise induced hearing loss alone

£11,820 - £13,970

Mild tinnitus alone/mild noise induced hearing loss alone


Slight or occasional tinnitus with slight noise induced hearing loss

£6,910 - £11,820

Slight noise induced hearing without tinnitus/slight tinnitus without noise induced hearing loss


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Loss of Hearing Compensation & Hearing Damage Compensation Claims

The Impact of Noisy Working Environments

Noisy working environments can cause dangerous damage to the complex structures that exist within our ears, disrupting the hearing process and resulting in hearing loss. Damage sustained to the cochlear hair cells can prevent sound waves from being transformed into electrical signals, which is problematic since only electrical signals can be passed to the brain via the auditory nerve. When the ears are constantly exposed to dangerous volumes of sound in the workplace, the hair cells can become overworked, which can cause them to die.

On average, the typical human being is born with 16,000 hair cells, but these cells have to last our entire lives. Unlike in other mammals, human cochlear cells cannot be replaced when they die, meaning that excessive sound has the potential to irreparably damage the internal mechanisms of the ear. As well as affecting the hair cells, excessive noise can also harm the auditory nerve (also known as the cochlear nerve) that transports the electrical signals produced by the hair cells to the brain. The auditory nerve is comprised of thousands of nerve cells which, if damaged, can die. As more and more nerve cells die, the functionality of the auditory nerve becomes increasingly reduced, and less electrical signals can be successfully carried to the brain. This means that information that should be passed to the brain for processing is lost, and the result is an inability to hear sounds around us properly.

Sadly, by the time damage to the ears' internal structures is noticed, it is already irreparable, and the consequences are therefore permanent. If your hearing has been affected by working in unacceptably loud working conditions, contact a member of our team today to find out whether you could be eligible to make a claim.

Although most cases of work-related hearing loss are caused by sustained damage to the hair cells and, sometimes, the auditory nerve, parts of the ear can also be caused through one-off instances of loud ‘impulse’ sounds, such as explosions. The intensity of such sounds can severely damage structures such as the eardrum, causing it to rupture. This kind of noise-induced hearing loss can be sudden and permanent. If you have been affected by this type of noise, speak to our team today to begin your claim.

Sometimes, exposure to impulse sounds or sustained loud noises can cause our hearing to be temporarily damaged. This can happen when the hair cells in the ear, which are usually sat in an upright position along the cochlear, are forced to ‘bend’ in response to the sound, like a blade of glass bending towards the sun. This ‘bend’ in the cell’s shape affects its ability to function properly, but only until the bend is resumed.

However, research shows that bouts of temporary deafness can have long-term consequences and may indicate the onset of a long-term problem.

As such, if your hearing has been affected in any way by work-place noise that you weren’t adequately protected against, you could be eligible for a claim; call us today to find out more.

Symptoms of Hearing Damage

The symptoms of hearing damage caused by noisy working environments usually becomes more and more noticeable as time passes and the cells in the ear continue to die from overstimulation and work.

Over time, you may notice that sounds are becoming more and more muffled; that you need to turn the television, radio, or phone volume up to enable you to hear clearly; or that you miss parts of conversations or struggle to distinguish speech sounds from other background noises.

The damage can be so extensive that hearing aids may be required to help alleviate the symptoms. If you have been affected by hearing loss to the extent that you require hearing aids and specialised intervention from audiologists, money raised through a compensation claim can help to cover the costs associated with such treatments and ensure that you are able to access the help you require.

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Making a Hearing Loss Compensation Claim

If you have suffered damage to your hearing through no fault of your own and you feel there is evidence of 3rd party liability, then you are entitled to try and make a loss of hearing compensation claim.

By employing the services of one of PSR's qualified personal injury lawyers, you can rest assured that you have secured the legal expertise and experience to win your claim and receive the maximum compensation that you and your family deserve.

In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, our No Win No Fee promise offers you the peace of mind that there will be no legal costs to pay, meaning no risk to you.

All PSR’s Personal Injury Solicitors in Wales and our Injury Lawyers in Cheshire are accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury Claims. Our accredited status as specialist head injury solicitors provides the reassurance you should be looking for and guarantees that we have the expertise and tenacity to secure the maximum levels of compensation for you or your family.

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