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Face Injury Compensation Calculator for Injury Claim Payouts relating to Facial Scars, Facial Disfigurement, Nose, Jaw, Ears or Mouth injuries

What might your Facial Injury Claim be worth?

Face Injury claims for compensation can cover anything from a broken jaw and loss of teeth to an eye injury or facial scarring. They can be caused by a variety of accidents, including facial lacerations caused by a road traffic accident, chemicals burn due to an accident at work, or even an eye injury received during a physical altercation.

With an estimated five-hundred thousand facial injuries a year in the UK and with one in three of those injuries resulting in a visit to the hospital, facial injuries can have significant physical and emotional effects on the victim.

The face is a major focal point when individuals interact with each other, therefore facial injuries or disfigurements can often have significant psychological effects, damaging an individual’s self-esteem and potentially leading to secondary issues like depression and anxiety.

When you file a compensation claim for injuries to the face, your personal injury lawyer will asses the combined physical and psychological consequences of the accident to ensure you are fully compensated for the damages you have suffered.

If you or a loved one has sustained a facial injury due to third-party negligence, you should seek the advice of a specialist personal injury solicitor who is experienced in dealing with facial injury compensation claims.

Use our helpful guide below to see how much compensation you could receive for your Facial Injury Claim.


Facial Injury & Facial Disfigurement Compensation Claim Values

Compensation Guide

Injuries Affecting Sight

Total blindness in both eyes and deafness

In the region of £325,000

Total blindness in both eyes

In the region of £214,000

Loss of sight in one eye, partial loss of sight in the other eye

£51,000 - £84,500

Loss of sight in one eye

£43,500 - £52,500

Minor eye injury

£3,160 - £6,950

Temporary eye injury

£1,760 - £3,150

Compensation Guide

Nose Injuries

Serious nose fracture with permanent effects

£8,480 - £18,400

Displaced nose fracture requiring surgery

£3,150 - £4,080

Simple nose fracture

£1,350 - £2,000

Compensation Guide

Cheekbone Injuries

Serious cheekbone fracture

£8,130 - £12,600

Simple cheekbone fracture requiring surgery

£3,450 - £5,160

Simple cheekbone fracture

£1,850 - £2,390

Compensation Guide

Jawbone Injuries

Multiple jawbone fractures(serious)

£24,290 - £36,320

Serious jawbone fracture

£14,320 - £24,300

Simple jawbone fracture

£5,150 - £6,970

Compensation Guide

Teeth Injuries

Chronic tooth pain plus deterioration

Up to £30,400

Loss or damage to both front teeth

£3,470 - £6,080

Loss or damage to one front tooth

£1,760 - £3,150

Loss or damage to back teeth (per tooth)

£870 - £1,360

Compensation Guide

Facial Scarring

Severe Facial Scarring

£14,320 to £77,580

Moderate Facial Scarring

£7,270 to £23,980

Minor Facial Scarring

£3,150 - £10,960

Compensation Guide

Other Facial Injuries

Facial fractures (Le Fort Fractures)

£19,000 - £29,300

Facial fracture (Multiple)

£11,890 - £19,100

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How are Facial Injury and Facial Disfigurement Compensation Settlements Calculated?

The amount of compensation you are likely to receive is calculated by combining the two key elements of any personal injury claim; the General Damages and the Special Damages.

General Damages are calculated based on the levels of pain, suffering, and loss of amenity you’ve experienced as a result of the injury. Reports from an appropriate medical expert will be used to evaluate your injury against the Judicial College guidelines. This will allow us to establish the approximate levels of compensation for the injury itself and then other considerations such as mental anguish and reduction in quality of life will be factored in.

The Special Damages can vary considerably and are awarded to ensure that you are in no way financially disadvantaged by the injury. The sort of things Special Damages will include are:

  • Loss of earnings, past, and future
  • Medical expenses already incurred and will incur in the future, e.g. Physio
  • Additional costs incurred such as taxis to appointment
  • Injury-related adaptations required to your dwelling or vehicle
  • Other financial losses or expenses directly attributable to your injury

How much compensation can you expect for a Facial or Facial Disfigurement Injury Compensation Claim?

When assessing the potential value of your facial injury compensation claim, your Personal Injury Solicitor will use the medical reports and the opinions of the medical experts to help categorise your facial injury and determine what range of compensation you may be entitled to.

You will be allocated a compensation bracket, rather than a specific figure because no two injuries are the same and no two people are affected in the same way or recover at the same rate.

Once the judge and the solicitors for both parties have determined an appropriate compensation range for your injury, it is then the job of the solicitors to try and reach a final settlement figure before it reaches court. Your solicitor will try to argue that the final settlement figure should be at the upper end of the range, whilst the liable party’s insurer will be trying to argue for the opposite.

If the two parties cannot negotiate a settlement figure that both are happy with, then your case will proceed to court, where the legal representatives for both parties will try and convince the judge that their settlement valuation is appropriate.

See above for facial injury and disfigurement compensation claim amounts. These figures represent the potential ranges for general damages only and do not factor in any special damages you may be entitled to claim. The figures are based on the guidelines set out by the Judicial College.

Causes of Facial Injury

Facial injuries can occur in a multitude of ways, from road traffic accidents and sports injuries to animal inflicted wounds and work accident.

The most common causes of facial injuries and facial disfigurement are:

  • Sports injuries - i.e. clash of heads in football
  • Burns - either by chemical or fire
  • Animal attacks - Dog bites
  • Physical assault - With or without a weapon
  • Work accidents - Chemical burns, falling objects
  • Slips, trips, and falls - Slip and strike face on the corner of a desk
  • Road traffic accidents - strike face on the dashboard or hit by glass

Types of Facial Injury

There many types of facial injury and each type of injury can vary significantly in severity, from a laceration that heals in weeks, to one that leaves permanent facial scarring and in the most extreme cases, disfigurement.

The most common facial injuries include:

  • Loss of teeth or damage to teeth
  • Fractures to the nose, jaw, or cheekbones
  • Facial burns
  • Allergic reactions
  • Lacerations
  • Facial scarring, due to lacerations or burns
  • Bruising (Hematoma)

Making a Facial Injury or Facial Disfigurement Compensation Claim

When making a facial injury compensation claim it is vital that you seek the expertise and experience of a specialist personal injury solicitor.

PSR Solicitors’ have a long-standing track record of successfully settling facial injury claims, facial disfigurement claims, and claims for sensory injury. By choosing one of PSR Solicitor’s accredited Personal Injury Lawyers to manage your claim, you have secured the expertise of a personal injury specialist who will fight tirelessly to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the maximum compensation settlement figure, allowing you to rebuild your life and return to some degree of normality.

In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, you have the protection of our No Win No Fee promise, meaning no legal fees to pay

PSR Solicitors’ teams of Personal Injury Solicitors in Cheshire and Accident Claims Experts in Wales are accredited by the law society to practice personal injury law, awarded in recognition of the outstanding levels of expertise and competence in handling personal injury claims. As well as being accredited for Personal Injury Claims, we are also LEXCEL Accredited by the Law Society, offering you the confidence that you will receive nothing but the absolute best in client care.

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