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Facial Injury & Facial Scar Claim Calculator

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Compensation claims for facial injuries cover anything from a broken jaw and loss of teeth up to eye injuries and facial scarring. Facial injuries can be caused by all sorts of accidents from broken glass in a car accident to chemical burns from exposure from an accident at work.

Someone who suffers total blindness and deafness must be considered as ranking with the most devastating type of injury imaginable. On a lesser level, if for example, someone suffers the permanent loss of taste or smell, this can still be devastating in that it affects everything that a person does for the rest of their life.

Sometimes reconstructive surgery is an option for people who have suffered facial disfigurement and any award for compensation will need to be calculated once that surgery has been undergone. If you have suffered any of these types of facial injuries then you deserve compensation for your suffering.

Compensation Guide

Total blindness and deafness
Up to £337,700

Loss of sight in one eye
£45,840 - £41,200

Total loss of hearing in one ear
£38,060 - £26,180

Total loss of taste and smell
Up to £32,780

Facial Scarring

£1,000 - £75,000

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