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Cheekbone Injury Compensation Calculator for Cheekbone Injuries or Zygomatic Fractures Claims Payout


If you believe your cheekbone injury has occurred due to the negligence of another person, you may be able to claim compensation. We know money won’t solve the injury, but if it can help resolve any financial worries whilst you recover then it’s one less thing to worry about. If you have had a Cheekbone injury that you believe wasn’t your fault, contact PSR Solicitors today.

Cheekbone injuries can be both physically and mentally difficult to cope with, being on the face where a lot of movement happens at regular intervals, the physical pain can be difficult to deal with. Also, with it being on your face it can be difficult from a cosmetic perspective with it being hard to cover and could potentially alter how you look forever.

Cheekbone injuries can happen in a multitude of different scenarios, whether that’s a slip or trip or some kind of workplace accident, a lot of the reasons for injury can be the fault of someone else. Cheekbone injuries could cause nerve damage leading to loss of movement in the face, issues with sight or even in the most severe cases, facial paralysis.

Due to the wide-ranging impact of cheekbone injuries, the initial injury is just the beginning, and a cheekbone injury could have broader ranging consequences. That’s why it’s important to get in touch to understand whether you’re eligible for compensation to help ease the burden.

Whether you’re looking for advice, help or want to make a claim right away, our friendly and compassionate team of personal injury solicitors will listen to your case intently and give you honest, clear and open advice as to the chances of success with your specific circumstances and what would be involved in going down this route.

If you do decide to make a claim you will be assigned your own personal injury solicitor who will be with you throughout the whole claims process, being there for advice and to ease any stress and worry and making sure you’re always informed of your claim’ progress. Your claim will also be handled on a no-win-no-fee basis, meaning you won’t have to worry about payment if your claim is unsuccessful.

If you have been involved in an accident that has resulted in your cheekbone being injured, we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of personal injury solicitors can help you to understand and explore whether you can claim compensation for your injury. If you believe your cheekbone injury was caused by the negligence of another person or group, get in touch today to explore your options.

Compensation amounts for Cheekbone Injuries

If you’re thinking of making a claim for compensation, you’ll likely want to know how much you may be able to receive. Below we have outlined some estimates for compensation that you could receive for your cheekbone injury. Cheekbone injuries, although seemingly only focused on the cheekbone itself, can have other effects in different areas of your face.


Please be aware these are just estimates and your specific case may be different. If you’d like more detail based on your circumstances, please contact us today.



Compensation Guide

Simple Cheekbone Fractures

£2,000 - £2,600


Broken Cheekbone requiring reconstructive surgery

£3,800 - £5,700


Broken Cheekbone requiring surgery with permanent disfigurement

£8,900 - £13,900


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Types of Cheekbone Injury

The bones commonly referred to as cheekbone are the zygomatic or malar bones. Any damage to them can be extremely debilitating and can happen in a wide range of circumstances, including:



Sadly, assault is one of the common ways in which cheekbone injuries occur. If you have been hit with enough force from a punch or a kick, your cheekbone would be likely to break. Sadly, being an innocent victim of assault can also come with a lot of emotional trauma, including not wanting to leave the house or worrying about future assaults. If the perpetrator can be located, they will likely face both criminal charges and personal injury claims action.


Workplace Accidents

Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees whilst at work. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is an act that puts legal liability on employers to ensure safety in the workplace.

A cheekbone injury at work could occur due to faulty equipment, a lack of safety provisions or slips and trips due to unsafe conditions. If your accident occurred at work and you believe your employer was at fault, you may be able to claim compensation. We know it may be daunting and quite worrying making a claim against your employer, but it is your right if the injury wasn’t your fault. Make sure you get in touch with our expert team of personal injury solicitors today.


Roads and Public Footpaths

Local authorities and highway authorities are responsible for maintaining roads and public footpaths across the UK and as such have a responsibility to make sure they are maintained to an acceptable standard to ensure safety for the general public and motorists. Therefore, if you have a cheekbone injury due to a poorly maintained road surface or issues with a path, you may be able to claim compensation.



The cheekbone, or zygomatic bone, is a rectangular shape facial bone. It extends from the side of the eye socket down to the jaw.

Its thickness makes it a strong bone, allowing it to support other parts of the head and face it joins to – near the jaw, ears, eyes, and skulls – and protect other weaker portions of the face. The articulations that connect it to the skull are not as sturdy, partly because of the passage of veins and arteries through a tunnel called the zygomaticofacial foramen.

This area is subject to a fair amount of variation. An additional joint is sometimes found in the cheekbone, dividing it into two sections. Individuals have also been found to feature an extra zygomaticofacial foramen, leading medical professionals to treat the additional passage as a fracture. This confusion sometimes leads to unnecessary treatment.

The cheekbone is essential in the support and protection of veins, nerves and organs in the face. While it is a stationary bone, its lower section aids the movement of the jaw, which is vital to provide functions such as speaking, drinking, eating, chewing, and facial expressions. Cheekbone injuries can be particularly debilitating in cases in which they impact these basic functions, and rehabilitation can be tough.

If you have suffered a cheekbone injury which has impacted the anatomy or function of the zygomatic bone, contact PSR Solicitors. Our specialist personal injury solicitors have vast experience in obtaining compensation for all types of cheekbone injuries, and can support you through the legal process of a cheekbone injury compensation claim.


Rehabilitation from a Cheekbone Injury

Following your cheekbone injury, the severity of the injury will be established with a medical examination, including an X-Ray scan. You will be instructed to avoid straining facial movements that cause pain, or blowing your nose.

Cheekbone fractures may cause a movement of the eyeball, especially in more severe cases. This usually requires surgical procedures to realign the zygomatic fracture.

Severe zygomatic fractures can show symptoms such as double vision, with extreme cases being associated with orbital blowout, causing similar symptoms to a concussion.

The similarity of the symptoms can lead to an incorrect diagnosis, especially in cases in which no cosmetic changes are apparent. Delayed or negligent medical treatment of a zygomatic fracture can lead to painful and lengthy rehabilitation periods.

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If you have suffered damage to your cheekbone through no fault of your own and you feel there is evidence of third party liability, then you are entitled to try and make a cheekbone injury compensation claim.

By employing the services of one of PSR's qualified personal injury lawyers, you can rest assured that you have secured the legal expertise and experience to win your claim and receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.

In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, our No Win No Fee promise offers you the peace of mind that there will be no legal costs to pay, meaning no risk to you.

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