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Internal Organ Injury Claims Compensation Calculator 

What might an Organ Injury Compensation Claim be worth?

Injuries sustained to the body's internal organs can be extremely serious; tragically, in some cases, the injuries sustained can even be life-threatening or fatal.

If you or someone you know has suffered an internal injury in an accident that was someone else's fault, we're here for you.

We empathise with the trauma you and your loved ones will have endured because of your injury, and our team of experienced solicitors, who focus on internal injury claims, are available to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

We understand that beginning a claim for compensation can be daunting, which is why our compassionate and approachable staff are available to offer advice.

We also know that the money you receive is not going to ever be enough to undo the pain and trauma you and your loved ones have endured, but claiming compensation is your right, and the money you receive could help to alleviate the financial stress that such injuries often incur.

To find out whether you could make a claim for organ damage or an internal injury, contact one of our experienced solicitors now.

Here at PSR Solicitors, our team has a wealth of experience in successfully leading these types of claims throughout the Northwest, meaning we're well placed to offer help, advice, and no-obligation assessments.


Organ Injury Compensation Claim Values

Compensation Guide

Kidney Damage Compensation

Serious or permanent damage to both kidneys

£158,970 - £197,480

Significant loss of function to the kidneys

Up to £60,500

Damage to one kidney

£28,880 - £42,110


Compensation Guide

Bowel Injury Compensation

Leading to double incontinence and further medical complications

Up to £172,860

Where the claimant depends on a colostomy and have no natural bowel function.

Up to £140,870

Where there is faecal urgency as well as passive incontinence  

Around £75,000

Compensation Guide

Bladder Injury Compensation

Complete loss of control and function of the bladder  

Up to £132,40

Serious impairment to the control of your bladder as well as long-term function issues

£60,050 to £75,010

Compensation Guide

Spleen Injury Compensation

Loss of spleen and a risk of infection internally as well as other disorders as the result of damage to the immune system  

£19,510 to £24,680

When the spleen is damaged, but the above issues are not present

£4,080 to £8,110

*The above figures are based on the Judicial College Guidelines and as such are only guidelines to how much you potentially could receive for your claim.

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Causes of Internal Injuries

Road Traffic Accidents

Every year, there are more than 150,000 road traffic accidents on UK roads. For those in cars, the impact of an accident can cause the body to be flung forward, resulting in blunt force traumas where the body hits the dashboard or other parts of the car. For pedestrians who are hit by cars, blunt force trauma can occur when the car collides with the vehicle.

Being involved in a road traffic accident can cause extreme trauma to many of the body’s internal structures.  Shards of sharp objects can penetrate the body, causing widespread injuries to the eyes and other organs. If you have suffered an internal injury in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, contact a member of our experienced team today.


According to UK Law, assault is defined as the act of deliberately inflicting physical harm to another person. Assault can manifest as punching and kicking another person with such aggressive force to cause injuries to the victim, such as internal bleeding and bruising to organs. Tragically, more and more assaults are carried out with weapons, such as knives, which cause potentially fatal penetrating injuries.

Workplace accidents

According to the HSE, accidents in the workplace are the leading cause of internal injuries, often associated with working at height, with dangerous machinery or without adequate training or PPE. Employers have a legal duty to safeguard their employees’ health, and this involves carrying out regular risk assessments of potentially hazardous tasks (such as handling machinery, chemicals, or working at height), and taking reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of an accident happening wherever possible. If your employer has failed to protect your health and you have suffered an internal injury or organ damage because of their negligent behaviour, you could be entitled to make a claim. Here at PSR, we understand that making a claim against an employer may be a daunting prospect, particularly if you are still in their employment, but our claims team will help you navigate the process.

If you have suffered an organ injury because of someone else’s negligence, incompetence, or behaviour, you could be entitled to make a claim, and should speak to a member of our team to discuss the options.

Organ Damage Claims – where can be affected?

Injuries to the Brain

The brain is the body’s function room; it is responsible for overseeing the body’s internal structures and their functioning. The brain is also responsible for our personalities, and for interpreting the information that our sense organs gather from the world around us.

The brain is protected by a thick layer of bone known as the skull, but this bone isn’t always sufficiently capable of protecting the brain from harm. Injuries sustained to the brain can have catastrophic consequences, causing problems throughout the body. 

Injuries to the Lungs

The lungs are two sponge-like structures that exist within the wider chest cavity. The heart is nestled between them. The lungs form part of the body’s respiratory system, and ensure that our blood has a constant supply of fresh oxygen. The lungs also ensure that waste products, such as carbon dioxide, are appropriately removed from the body. A pneumothorax is an injury that affects the lungs. It occurs when a broken rib punctures a lung, causing the organ to collapse. While the initial injury that caused the broken rib might have occurred because of blunt force trauma (such as a car accident, a fall, or an assault), the stabbing of the lung is an additional penetrating trauma.

Injuries to the Heart

The heart is a muscular organ that pumps oxygenated blood around the body; without the constant supply of oxygenated blood, internal organs are at risk of catastrophic injury. As well as affecting the heart itself, injuries to the cardiovascular system (the system that allows blood to be transported around the body) may include those which affect some of the body’s biggest arteries. An abdominal aortic aneurysm occurs when the main blood vessel that runs from the heart is ruptured; the injury is typically caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen or stomach, such as in a car accident. Internal bleeding occurs when the blood vessels inside the body are damaged and cannot repair themselves. The injuries (which are usually blunt force traumas caused by falls, assaults, or road traffic accidents) cause blood to pool inside the body.

Injuries to The Spleen

The spleen is an organ that is in the upper abdomen, sitting next to the stomach, behind the ribs. It plays an important role in the immune system, being involved in both the production of new white blood cells, and the removal of the old ones. Blunt force trauma sustained to the abdominal cavity can cause the spleen to rupture, with surgery typically being required to remove the organ and save the patient’s life.

Injuries to The Kidneys

The kidneys play an important role in purifying the body’s blood and ensuring that toxic levels of poisonous substances, such as urea, are unable to accumulate to dangerous levels. If the kidneys are damaged, often because of blunt force trauma in falls, workplace accidents, and road accidents, their ability to do their job can be impaired, resulting in a build-up of toxic substances and, in some cases, requiring a kidney transplant to rectify.

Fatal Accident Claims

Heartbreakingly, some of the internal injuries that are sustained in accidents such as road traffic collisions are ultimately fatal. If you have lost someone you love in this way, then we are truly sorry for your loss. We know how devastating losing a loved one can be, and we understand how unfair it can feel to lose someone you love because of another person’s negligence.

We know that making a claim for fatal accident compensation is not going to undo what has been done, or go anywhere towards healing your grief, but it can help to ease some of the financial burdens you may have suffered since your loved one’s passing, such as lost earnings, funeral experiences, and even counselling for yourself.

If you have lost a loved one because of an internal injury or organ damage that was caused by somebody else, consider speaking to a member of our compassionate, approachable and sympathetic team of experts today here at PSR Solicitors.

Making an Internal Organ Injury  Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an organ injury due to the negligence or actions of a third party, then PSR Solicitor’s specialist Injury Claim Solicitors will assist you in claiming the compensation you deserve.

By selecting PSR Solicitors to handle your organ injury compensation claim, you can be confident that they will work tirelessly on your behalf to secure you the maximum level of compensation available to you.

We will assess your claim in detail before advising you whether to proceed and in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful, you’ll be protected by our No Win No Fee promise.

Every PSR Solicitors’ Personal Injury Lawyer in Wales and Injury Claims Solicitors in Cheshire is accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury Claims. This affords you and your family the confidence that your claim is in the hands of an experienced and highly adept legal professional.

Covering North Wales and the Cheshire area, PSR Solicitors have offices in Colwyn BayEllesmere PortRhylShottonWrexhamWallasey, and Chester. We are one of the industry’s leading Personal Injury Law Firms and have an exemplary track record in securing the maximum compensation for their clients.

Our LEXCEL Accreditation, again by the Law Society, ensures you will receive nothing but the absolute best in client services, allowing you to focus on recovery and rehabilitation.

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