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Shoulder injury & Broken Collar Bone Claim Calculator

Do you require a solicitor to help you claim compensation for a shoulder injury? If so we can help.

Compensation claims for shoulder injuries are commonly awarded as a result of slips, trips and falls where somebody puts out their arm to break the fall resulting in their whole body weight usually being supported on just one limb. Shoulder injuries are also common in accidents at work from employees being asked to move heavy items or not being properly trained in the use of heavy equipment. If you have suffered a shoulder injury then you deserve compensation.

Compensation Guide

Severe shoulder injury:
£41,050 - £16,060

Moderate shoulder injury
£16,060 - £6,600

Minor shoulder injury
£6,600 - £1,500

Serious shoulder injuries can severely limit what a person can do at work and at home and can cause major inconvenience. Sometimes there are permanent effect from such injuries and they can even accelerate the onset of arthritis. Less serious injuries should settle down within 6-12 months but can still leave people in pain for that time.

Our team of experienced injury solicitors deal with shoulder injury claims on a regular basis. They will help you to recover compensation for your pain and suffering but just as importantly they will help with other aspects of the claim, take the stress away from you and allow you to continue with your life and recover from the injury you have suffered.

So if you have suffered a shoulder injury in an accident in the last three years then please contact us now and one of our specialist team of shoulder injury claims solicitors will quickly assess if you are entitled to make a compensation claim and then support you through the process from start to finish. 

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