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Hand Injury Compensation Calculator for Hand Injury Compensation Claims Payouts

How much could your Hand Injury Claim be worth?

Use our Hand Injury Compensation Calculator to value your Hand Injury Compensation Claim.

A Hand Injury Compensation Claim commonly arises in accidents at work where people using equipment or machinery get their hands caught during use, often due to inappropriate PPE or lack of adequate training.

Hands are intricate in design and function, and are truly a feat of anatomical engineering. Comprising 19 bones, with a further 8 in the wrist, use of the hands is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Even a relatively minor injury can have a significant impact on our home life and our ability to work.

Injuries to hands can be caused in many ways, can vary in severity, and come in many forms, from sprains, strains, and cuts to fractures, dislocations, and amputations.

Hand injuries are also the most common reason for someone needing to take a trip to the hospital. As well as accounting for a large number of hospital visits, hand injuries also make up the largest proportion of injuries caused in the workplace, with lacerations, burns, repetitive strain injuries, and even loss of fingers and hands, relatively common.

Other types of common hand injury include various types of sports injury, such as sprains, strains, and fractures, as well as breaks and lacerations suffered in road traffic accidents.

If you have suffered a hand injury due to third-party negligence and would like expert legal advice prior to starting your Hand Injury Compensation Claim, call PSR Solicitors. We can help you claim the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

Hand Injury Compensation Claim Values

Compensation Guide

Hand Injuries

Loss of both hands / Loss of use of both hands

£112,100 - £160,000

Loss of one hand / Loss of use of one hand

£76,700 - £87,400

Serious Injury to both hands

£44,550 - £67,410

Other Hand Injuries 

From below £3,460 - £49,350

Compensation Guide

Thumb Injuries

Loss of the thumb

£28,310 - £43,710

Thumb Injury (Ranging from a temporary thumb injury to serious thumb injury with lasting effects)

From below £1,760 - £27,910

Compensation Guide

Finger Injuries

Fracture of a finger (Ranging from fracture of one finger to severely fractured fingers with the possibility of amputation)

From below £3,790 - £29,290

Total loss of a finger - Figure depends on which finger

£6,890 - £14,950

Partial Loss of finger - Figure depends on which finger

£3,150 - £14,930

Serious Finger Injury - Permanent loss of grip

£11,890 - £13,020

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How are Hand Injury Compensation settlements calculated?

As with any personal injury compensation claim, your settlement will be made up of two key components,  the General Damages and the  Special Damages.

The General Damages directly related to the injury and are calculated based on the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity (PSLA) incurred as a direct result of the injury. It also factors in the type of injury and the severity of your injury. These figures are calculated using the personal injury guidelines established by the Judicial College and will be assessed using the factors below

  • Pain - Pain suffered and caused by the accident.
  • Mental Suffering – The psychological effect, e.g. depression, distress, embarrassment, etc.
  • Loss of Amenity - Any reduction in quality of life and enjoyment, i.e. loss of sense of taste, preventing enjoyment of going out for meals or loss of legs, preventing the enjoyment of going for walks. The changes you have suffered in both your physical and mental abilities

The Special Damages are awarded for any financial losses or financial costs incurred as a result of the injury. The Special Damages are unique to every claim and will be assessed by your dedicated Personal Injury Solicitor but will include things such as:

  • The loss of earnings you have already suffered as a direct consequence of the accident, anticipated future loss of earnings and loss of financial benefits of promotion opportunities no longer available to you.
  • Medical expenses you have already incurred, and the future medical costs are you likely to need to pay in the future
  • What additional financial costs have you already incurred, i.e. taxi’s to appointments
  • Loss or damage to property during the incident
  • Home and vehicle adaptation costs.

How much compensation can you expect for a Hand Injury Compensation Claim?

This is a commonly asked question with any type of personal injury claim but also a very difficult one to answer without fully assessing your Hand Injury Compensation Claim in detail. This is because virtually every injury is unique, with every victim being affected in different ways and recovering at their own pace.

In order to determine the amount of compensation you may be able to claim, our team will consider all aspects of your injury and will assess the financial effects of the injury. Medical experts may need to be involved to thoroughly assess your injury.

The key factors to be considered are the severity of the injuries sustained, along with the emotional, physical, and financial ramifications it has had and will continue to have, on your personal and professional life.

It is worth noting that when people make hand or finger injury compensation claims with PSR solicitors, they often consider how the level of compensation can assist with their physical injuries and loss of earnings. However, the psychological impact of your accident should not be ignored and will also be considered when putting together your injury claim.

PSR Solicitors are specialist Personal Injury Lawyers, accredited by the Law Society for their expertise in handling Personal Injury Claims. With a wealth of experience of settling all types of Hand Injury Compensation Claim, you can call us safe in the knowledge that we will work tenaciously to secure you the maximum compensation you deserve.​​​​​​

Causes of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are one of the most common personal injuries, with a multitude of ways in which they can be caused, from work accidents and sports injuries to slips, trips and falls.

  • Industrial Machinery - Lack of PPE, training and dangerous practices and procedures
  • Farming Machinery - Faulty equipment, lack of PPE or inadequate training on equipment or machinery
  • Kitchen Equipment - Inadequate training on equipment
  • Lack of or inappropriate PPE - Partial or complete loss of fingers due to inadequate hand protection
  • Slips, trip and falls - Common cause of hand and wrist injuries, especially breaks and fractures in elderly people
  • Physical altercations - A fight, where a hand is injured during a punch
  • Sporting injuries - Falls from a horse, hockey injury, basketball
  • Manual-handling accidents - Poor lifting technique due to lack of training or lifting too heavy a load
  • Road Traffic Accidents - Causing crushing injuries, fractures, or lacerations.

Types of Hand Injury

Acute/Sudden Injuries

These types of injuries are caused instantaneously by a specific incident, such as a heavy landing from a fall or a hand injury sustained in a road traffic accident. It is important to note you are subject to a three year time limit from the date of the accident to initiate your Hand Injury Compensation Claim.


Can involve part of fingers, complete fingers, or part or all of the hand or hands. Symptoms include bleeding, deformity and potential loss of function and grip.


Affecting the skin and soft tissues, causing intense pain, blistering, deformity, and loss of tissue.

High-Pressure Injection Injuries

Causing pain, swelling and discolouration.

Broken Bones (Fracture)

Can affect any bone in the hand or wrist, causing pain, tenderness, decreased range of motion and deformity.

Nerve Damage

Damaging nerves in the hand or wrist can cause partial or complete loss of function in the affected part of the hand.


A common injury to the hand can cause permanent issues if they severe tendons or nerves. Symptoms include bleeding, tenderness, and restriction of motion.


Of the fingers or wrist, causing a decreased range of motion, bruising, swelling and a vulnerability to it happening again.

Injuries to the joints (Sprains)

Can affect either the wrist or fingers, often associated with a slip, trip, or fall or sporting injuries.

Injuries to the Tendons

Including Flexor and Extensor Tendonitis. If the tendons are severed by a puncture wound, then this can result in significant loss of function.

Overuse/Progressive Injuries

This type of injury develops over time, normally as a result of overuse or repetitive motion, rather than being caused by a specific incident. It is important to note that you only have three years from the date of diagnosis to initiate any personal injury claim for this type of injury.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

White Finger Vibration Syndrome

Caused by the constant use of vibrating machinery like pneumatic drills. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, and pain in the fingers, spreading through the arms and shoulders and eventually causing weakness and stiffness across the area.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

Inflammation of the tendons in the thumbs due to overuse.

Making a Hand Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a hand injury as a direct consequence of the negligence of another party, then you are entitled to make a Hand Injury Compensation Claim. This includes cases where a victim may seek compensation for the loss of a hand.

PSR Solicitors provide a tailored personal injury claims service to ensure you are best placed to receive the maximum compensation settlement available to you. If you are seeking to claim compensation for a hand injury and would like free expert advice from a fully qualified personal injury specialist, then please contact us now.

Once we have discussed the details of the accident, we can confirm that we are able to handle the case on a No Win No Fee basis. This promise means that in the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in your hand injury claim, we will waive any legal fees, meaning absolutely no financial risk to you.

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