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Leg Injury Compensation Calculator for Leg Injury Compensation Payouts 

What value could your Leg Injury Compensation be worth?

Leg Injury Claims including claims for Broken Legs are unfortunately very common, either due to a traumatic accident on the roads, in public, or at work. However, you may have sustained the injury, if you've been hurt and it was not your fault, you are entitled to claim Leg Injury Compensation.

Legs are essential for both mobility and independence, so when you injure one or both legs, the consequences are usually significant. If the injury is only minor or moderate in severity, then the effects can be short-term, requiring only a matter of weeks for complete recovery.

In the case of more serious Leg Injuries, hospital treatment and possibly surgery is usually to be expected and full recovery, if even possible, tends to be a much more protracted process, taking months or more for complete or partial recovery. In the most extreme cases, a serious Leg Injury can be life-changing, resulting in permanent disablement or even leg amputation, dramatically altering every aspect of the victim's personal and professional life.

Sprains, strains, and tears, often acquired during participation in sports, make up the majority of Leg Injuries, and whilst they can be extremely painful and potentially cause the victim to miss extended periods of time off work, many fully heal in a matter of weeks or months, requiring limited or no medical treatment.

If you have suffered a Leg Injury, however minor, due to the actions or negligence of a third party, you are entitled to make a Leg Injury Claim to cover the pain and suffering caused, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of earnings and possibly even more. 

PSR Solicitors are specialist Personal Injury Solicitors and have a proven track record of settling a varied range of Leg Injury Compensation payouts on a No Win No Fee basis.

Leg Injury and Broken Leg Compensation Claim Values

Compensation Guide

Leg Amputation Compensation

Amputation of both legs above the knee

£192,000 - £225,000

Amputation of both legs below the knee

£160,500- £215,000

Amputation of one leg above the knee

£83,500 - £110,000

Amputation of one leg below the knee

£78,100 - £106,000

Compensation Guide

Serious Leg Injury Compensation (Various)

Various serious leg injuries with permanent issues but no amputation

£21,100 - £108,400

Compensation Guide

Broken Leg Compensation

Leg fractures and soft tissue injuries with permanent problems

£14,340 - £22,200

Leg fracture of the thigh bone (Femur)

£7,280 - £11,250

Leg fracture of the lower bone (Tibia or Fibula)     

Up to £9,440

Compensation Guide

Knee Injuries (Various)

From minor knee injuries with complete recovery to severe knee injuries with permanent symptoms

Up to £76,690

Compensation Guide

Ankle Injuries (Various)

From minor ankle injuries with complete recovery to severe ankle injuries with permanent symptoms

Up to £55,560

Compensation Guide

Achilles Tendon Injury (Various)

From minor Achilles Tendon Injury to Severed Achilles Tendon & Muscle Injury

£5,800 - £30,630

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How are Leg Injury and Ankle Injury Compensation Settlements Calculated?

Your compensation settlement will be comprised of two elements, the General Damages, and the Special Damages.

The General Damages are awarded to compensate you for the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity (PSLA) endured as a direct result of the injury. The damages figure relates to the type of injury you have and the severity of it. It also considers the physical, psychological, and emotional impact the injury has had on you.

These figures are calculated by reviewing medical reports from your doctor and then assessing your injury against the Judicial College guidelines which form a well-recognised framework for assessing the General Damages in Personal Injury Cases. 

The factors considering include:

  • Pain (P) - The physical pain suffered and caused by the accident.
  • Mental Suffering (S) – The psychological effect, e.g. anxiety, distress, embarrassment, etc.
  • Loss of Amenity (LA) - This is the reduction in quality of life and enjoyment, i.e. loss of sense of taste, preventing enjoyment of going out for meals or loss of legs, preventing the enjoyment of going for walks.

The Special Damages are unique in every claim and are awarded in recompense for any financial costs you have incurred and the financial losses you have suffered. The Special Damages will be assessed by your dedicated Personal Injury Solicitor but will include things like:

  • Loss of earnings due to the injury, historic and future
  • Medical expenses you have incurred, and are likely to incur in the future, such as physio and prescriptions
  • Travel expenses such as taxi fares to and from a hospital appointment
  • Replacement or repair of any property lost or damaged during the incident
  • Home and vehicle adaptation costs.

How much compensation can you expect for a Leg Injury Compensation Claim?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, although as each Leg Injury Claim differs, it is virtually impossible to gauge how much the claimant will receive at the point of the initial assessment.

Our team will assess all aspects of your injury and financial losses in detail to determine the total value of your leg injury compensation claim. The main factors to be considered are the severity of the injuries sustained, as well as the physical, emotional, and financial impact the injury has had and will continue to have, on home and work-life.

It is worth noting that when people make compensation claims with PSR Solicitors, they often consider the physical injuries and the financial impact of any loss of earnings. However, the long-term psychological impact of your accident will also be considered when putting together your injury claim.

PSR Solicitors are specialist personal injury solicitors with an enviable track record settling a varied range of leg and ankle injury compensation claims.

Common Causes of Leg Injuries and Broken Legs

Road Traffic Accidents

Because of where your legs are positioned when sat in a car, they are particularly vulnerable to injury during a road traffic accident and it is not uncommon for multiple bones to be fractured during the same collision. Cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians involved in RTAs are also vulnerable to leg injuries.

Work accidents

Many Leg Injuries are suffered due to accidents in the workplace, it could be due to a slip on a spillage, a fall from height, or tripping on an unprotected power cable in the office.

Construction Site Accidents

From catching leg on a sharp object to falling on uneven ground and twisting your knee

Farm Accidents

From inadequate training on a piece of machinery to slipping and injuring your leg in a fall

Sports Injury

From football studs causing a laceration to the leg to a broken leg in a rugby scrum

Slips, trips, and falls

From slipping on a spillage in a supermarket and breaking your hip to tripping on an uneven paving slab and twisting your ankle

Leg Injury Classifications


Crush injuries received in high-impact events like road traffic accidents can sometimes be so severe that the affected limb requires amputation. Amputation can also occur as a consequence of medical negligence if sub-standard care were given. This type of injury is truly life-changing

Bone Fractures

A leg fracture is a break in the bone and is a fairly common injury due to the vulnerability of the leg in car accidents. They can occur in many ways, but common causes are sporting injuries, road traffic accidents, and slips, trips, and falls. Symptoms of a fracture include pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising, numbness, and tingling.

Contusions (Bruise)

Leg contusions, commonly referred to as bruises are one of the most common leg injuries. They normally occur as the result of a direct blow to the leg and most heal relatively quickly. The standard symptoms are discolouration of the affected area, pain, swelling, and short-term limited range of movement of the joint


A dislocation can affect your hip, knee, your ankle, or your foot. Any of these types of dislocation occur when the bones within a joint shift out of alignment and normally happen through trauma to your legs, such as falls, sports injuries, and car accidents. The main symptoms are pain, swelling, restricted mobility of the joint, and future instability of the joint.


Cuts to the leg can occur in a multitude of ways and can affect both the upper and lower leg. Cuts from car accidents, football studs, or dog bits are common examples. Symptoms include severe pain and can cause short or long-term issues including reduced mobility, depending on the depth of the laceration and what soft tissues have been affected.

Muscle Tears

Where the muscle is stretched beyond its elastic capabilities, causing a tear. Often associated with sports and normally affects the calf or hamstring. Symptoms include intense initial pain, bruising and limited use of the leg. Full recovery can take months.


A sprain is a fairly common injury affecting the ligaments, often in the ankles and knees. Ligaments are found in joints around the body and are the elastic connective tissue that joins bones to bones and holding joints together, offering stability and limiting the scope of their movement. When you sprain your leg, it is normally the result of twisting, falling, or being struck in some way. The symptoms often include pain, tenderness, and instability, being unable to apply weight to the leg. You may also experience swelling, bruising, and muscle spasms.


A Strain is again a common injury but this affects the tendons and muscles, often in the knees, feet, legs, and back. The tendons are responsible for joining muscles to the bone and when the tendons or muscles are over-stretched, causing a strain. Often referred to as pulled muscles, strains can occur over time or due to sudden injury, as many a sportsperson would testify. The symptoms are remarkably similar to those of a sprain, although recovery may be quicker depending on the severity.

Making a Leg Injury Claim

If you are considering claiming compensation for a Leg Injury suffered due to the irresponsible actions or negligence of another party or individual, then you are entitled to initiate a claim for Leg Injury Compensation.

Employing the services of PSR's Leg Injury Claim specialists maximises your chances of making a successful claim, whilst ensuring you receive the maximum financial settlement and gain access to the medical assistance you are entitled to. We operate on a No Win No Fee promise, so in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, you have the peace of mind that there will be no legal fees to pay.

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So, if you are looking to make a leg injury compensation claim and require the services of a Law Society accredited personal injury specialist, call and speak in confidence to one of our team, safe in the knowledge that they will manage every aspect of your leg injury compensation claim, allowing you to concentrate on rehabilitation and recovery.

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