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Neck Injury Compensation Calculator for Whiplash and Neck Injury Compensation Payouts

How much could your Neck Injury Claim be worth?

Neck Injury Claims are relatively commonplace, with the related injuries varying in severity from minor soft tissue damage to catastrophic, life-changing injuries.

The key reason that neck injuries, if severe, can have such devastating consequences is that the neck houses nerves that transmit vital information to and from the brain to the rest of your body. If these nerves are damaged in an accident, the ramifications can be huge, with temporary or permanent paralysis of parts of the body a possible outcome.

As well as housing the nerves from the brain, the neck also supports the significant weight of the head. The weight of the head can often cause injuries during a road traffic accident, known as whiplash. This is where the force of the impact thrusts the head backward and then forwards, potentially causing injury to the ligaments, muscles, and other tissues in the neck. In severe cases, the motion can injure the bones in the spine and the discs in between.

A Whiplash Injury is the most common reason for Neck Injury Compensation to be paid out. Reportedly there are in excess of 1500+ Whiplash compensation Claims made every day in the UK.

If you have suffered a Neck Injury as the direct result of another person’s negligence, then you are entitled to claim compensation. The compensation is awarded to recompense you for the pain and suffering endured, to cover any medical expenses, and to offset any loss of earnings.

So, if you or someone you know has sustained an injury and is considering their next steps toward making a Neck Injury Claim, they will require expert legal advice on starting your Neck Injury Compensation Claim. Call today and speak to one of our Personal Injury Claims Experts. 

Neck Injury Compensation Claim Payout Values

NB: Please note that as of 1/6/21 new Fixed tariffs for compensation settlements are applicable for RTA Soft-tissue injuries to the Neck. Further details can be found here

Compensation Guide

Severe Neck Injury Compensation - Possible Paralysis or Permanent Disablement

£36,250 - £118,240

Serious Neck Injury Compensation - Damage/Fracturing of Discs

£52,390 - £104,370

Neck Injury (Disc fractures, dislocations, or severe soft tissue damage and chronic permanent symptoms)

£36,240 - £44,630

Neck Injury (Disc fractures, dislocations, or severe soft tissue damage and partial recovery)

£19,920 - £30,690 

Neck Injury (Spondylosis, recurring or permanent pain, serious restriction of movement)

£10,960 - £19,920

Neck injury (Creating secondary issues or exacerbating existing conditions)

£6,290 - £10,960

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How are Neck Injury Compensation Settlements Calculated?

Your neck injury compensation claim will include both General Damages and Special Damages.

The General Damages component of any compensation claim is based on the severity and type of injury you have, along with the physical, psychological, and emotional effect the injury has on you. General damages values are based on guidelines set out by the Judicial College.

General Damages Include:

  • Compensation for the severity and physical pain suffered as a result of the injury
  • Compensation for the psychological effects of the injury, including anxiety, depression, etc
  • Compensation for loss of amenity. This covers the reduction in quality of life and the diminished enjoyment of life, i.e. no longer being able to enjoy going for walks or no longer being able to play sports you enjoyed.

The Special Damages are designed to recompense you for any financial losses suffered or any financial costs incurred as a direct result of your injury. Because treatment will differ from injury to injury and the loss of earnings is dependent on your typical income, the Special Damages are unique in every claim and will be assessed by your dedicated Personal Injury Solicitor but will include things such as:

  • Loss of earnings as a consequence of the injury, covering historic and future losses
  • Any medical costs you have already incurred, along with any injury-related medical costs you are going to incur in the future
  • Travel Expenses e.g. taxi to a hospital appointment or to see a physiotherapist, etc
  • Loss or damage to property during the incident, e.g. clothes that need to be cut off
  • Adaptations to the home
  • Car adaptations or a new specially adapted car.

How Much Compensation Can You Expect For A Neck Injury Compensation Claim? ​​​​

There are many types of neck injuries, each differing in severity and complexity.

Serious neck injuries can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis, attracting significantly higher levels of compensation. The individual may require major adaptations to their home, may not be able to work again, and might require long-term daily medical care, all these things will need to be factored into any potential neck injury claim. Less severe neck injuries can still lead to time off work and effects on lifestyle which may last for several months.

For us to advise you as to the potential total value of your neck injury compensation claim, one of our specialist personal injury lawyers will assess your claim in detail, considering any special damages you may be entitled to claim for.

If you want an idea of the general damages component of the claim, the figures above (for serious Neck Injury) and below (for RTA Soft-tissue injuries) are those set out by the Judicial College guidelines new government fixed tariffs.

Every effort has been taken to ensure the figures below are up to date and accurate but please be aware that they are intended as a guide only and look at the general damages aspect of the claim only

PSR Solicitors are Neck Injury Claim experts and have a long-standing successful track record in settling a varied range of neck injury compensation claims. To discuss your claim and see what level of compensation you may be entitled to, call one of PSR Solicitors’ Personal Injury Lawyers.

Compensation Guide

New Regulations on Compensation Calculation for Soft Tissue Injury Following a Car Accident

Compensation Calculator

(Click to enlarge)

Common Causes of a Neck Injury?

The most prevalent cause of neck injuries is road traffic accident but other common causes include:

  • Sporting injuries
  • Trips, slips, and falls
  • Medical negligence
  • Surgical negligence
  • Accidents at work
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Falls from height
  • Assault

Neck Injury Classifications

Neck injuries are commonplace and can be caused by a multitude of different incidents, some more common than others and some with more serious consequences than others.

Some of the most common types of neck injury are detailed below.


Occurs when the head is thrust backward with force, causing hyperextension, and then immediately thrust forward. This causes damage to the soft tissue in the neck and can sometimes even damage the bones in the neck or the discs

Herniated Disc

This occurs when the soft material inside the disc is forced out, potentially touching a nerve and causing secondary issues like numbness and paresthesia (pins and needles).

Cervical Spine Fracture

The fracturing of the neck bones, often due to a car accident

Cervical Dislocation

Where two or more of the cervical bones have become abnormally separated, causing ligament damage and instability

Spinal Cord Damage

This can happen when the vertebrae and discs become misaligned or even crushed, causing immense pain and pinching the spinal cord.

Making a Neck Injury Compensation Claim

If you, a family member, or a colleague have suffered a neck injury and there is third-party liability, then you are entitled to make a neck injury compensation claim.

PSR Solicitors are specialists in personal injury claims and have an exemplary track record of settling al manner of neck injury compensation claims, including many work accidents claims involving damage to the neck. You will be assigned your own dedicated personal injury expert who will assess your claim to ensure it has the maximum chance of being settled. They will then guide you through the process step by step and advise you of the best course of action to take.

Once you instruct PSR Solicitors to initiate the claims process you can be sure that you will be kept informed throughout the process and will be offered nothing but the best legal advice. You will always deal directly with your own qualified solicitor who will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you and your family deserve. In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, you will be protected by our No Win No Fee promise, meaning that there are no legal fees to pay.

All of PSR Solicitors’ Personal Injury Lawyers in Wales and specialist  Accident Claims Solicitors in Cheshire are Law Society Accredited for Personal Injury claims, providing you with the peace of mind that they have the knowledge and experience to secure you the optimum compensation.

With offices in Colwyn BayEllesmere PortRhylShottonWrexhamWallasey, and Chester, PSR Solicitors is a leading firm of Personal Injury Lawyers operating across North Wales and Cheshire. They are LEXCEL Accredited by the Law Society, offering you the confidence that you will receive nothing but the absolute best in client care. They will manage your claim from start to finish, keeping you informed at every stage and enabling you to focus on getting your life back together.

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