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If you have suffered an accident at work that has resulted in injury, pain and possibly worse, then you are entitled to claim compensation for that injury. Any financial award is designed to recognise the harm that has been done, to help you access the best medical care and to protect you financially both now and in the future. To ensure you get the best results for your compensation claim, it is vital that you get the best representation from specialist Work Accident Solicitors.

PSR Solicitors are serious work injury claim compensation experts. Speak to our team today to find out how we can help.

We understand how such an injury suffered either in your workplace or during your normal working responsibilities can affect you. Whether you have suffered a minor injury, or as is often the case with the clients we help, a serious injury at work, we know how difficult it can be for people to cope on their own following the immediate and long-term aftermath of an injury.

The work injury itself will be causing you pain and suffering but it can also place limitations on your lifestyle. In addition you might not be receiving any wages which can add further strain on your situation. Our specialist work accident solicitors can help you with everything, from claiming for your personal injury and your losses, such as loss of earnings and travel expenses, to arranging private medical treatment and rehabilitation to assist in your recovery and get your life back on track. Pursuing compensation for your accident at work is not something you have to do on your own, you need specialist advice.

What does the Law say about Accidents at Work?

The law is there to protect you and as an employee, the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) is clear that your health, safety and welfare in the workplace are paramount. The legislation sets out clearly the responsibilities that you employer has to ensure that your working environment is safe and that you are protected against any injury and risk to your health while you at work.

The law says that your employer must provide:

  • A safe working environment.
  • Safe equipment and machinery.
  • Suitable protective clothing.
  • Thorough and regular risk assessments in line with the regulations.
  • Effective processes to limit or control any hazards.
  • Adequate training and supervision especially with regard to handling dangerous equipment or substances.
  • Adequate facilities for staff welfare.
  • A staff representative to take responsibility for health and safety within the workplace.
  • Information about potential risks in the workplace including chemical substances, equipment or activity.
  • Safe and competent people working alongside you, who won’t endanger you or others.

Further responsibilities for employers are set out in the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 to protect employees against injury from handling heavy loads. Manuel Handling is defined by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as “any transporting or supporting of a load including the lifting, putting down, pushing, carrying or moving thereof by hand or bodily force.”

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations take a three-tier approach:

  • Avoid the need for any manual handling that carries the risk of injury wherever possible. This may be done by breaking down loads into more manageable sizes or re-designing tasks.
  • Carry out a risk assessment where manual handling is unavoidable, taking into consideration the tasks, the weight and the size of the load as well as the working environment including the available space.
  • Implement systems to minimise any risks.

If your employer fails to fulfil any of these responsibilities and you are injured whilst carrying out your job then you may be able to make a claim for compensation against them.

About work accident compensation claims

Your employer has a legal obligation to provide you with a clean and safe working environment, proper equipment and also to ensure that all their staff have been fully trained on all aspects of their job. This includes being fully trained in health and safety at work. If they fail in their duty to look after you whilst you are working for them then they can be held to account by the law. No one should ever have to go to work and suffer an injury or death.

We understand that you may feel uncomfortable about making an accident at work claim against your employer, particularly as you may have concerns over job safety. The fact is that your employer cannot dismiss you if you are injured due to their negligence in the workplace and they must have insurance in place to cover them. They won’t have to pay you compensation themselves.

Our expert solicitors deal with all types of injury at work compensation claims ranging from workers who suffer minor injuries in a works vehicle accident up to employees who suffer life changing injuries in a fall from height. Every case is unique and requires a thorough investigation by an experienced solicitor to have the best chance of succeeding.

If you are looking to claim compensation for a personal injury from an accident at work and you want free advice from a fully qualified solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to all on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful so No Win No Fee = No Risk To You.

If you have suffered due to an accident in the workplace or have been injured whilst carrying out your responsibilities at work, consider the strengths of the Accident at Work Solicitors at PSR Provide an accredited, first-class service to our clients:

Comprehensive Personal injury services

As well as securing the full financial award for your injuries we will advise on everything you need including where and how to access specialist treatment and equipment, whether there are criminal charges to pursue and how to protect your claim. We will arrange interim payments to help cover your costs until your claim is settled and can help you set up a personal injury trust.

Law Society Personal Injury Award

We are proud to have achieved the Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation, for our skill and expertise in providing quality personal injury advice, and also to have attained the Lexcel Practice Management Standard for delivering excellent legal services. Whatever your circumstances we are the personal injury specialists you can rely on.

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We are here to make everything as straightforward as possible for you. We understand that you may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed but you are not alone. If you have been injured at work in the past three years, then contact us today and speak to one of our team so that we can help you as quickly as possible

You can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Expert Knowledge

Expert Knowledge

Your Accident Compensation Claim will be handled by an experienced personal injury solicitor. Most law firms now use teams of unqualified fee earners meaning that you don't know who is acting for you, you may receive lower compensation or possibly even lose your claim. We promise you a much better service from your own dedicated personal injury solicitor.

Quick Process

Quick Settlement

We are personal injury claims specialists and our only job is to help injured people claim compensation for their pain, suffering and loss. Due to our wealth of experience we can progress claims efficiently to a quick settlement. We promise you that we will settle your personal injury claim as soon as possible.

Maximum Compensation/Minimum Costs

Maximum Compensation

We recover more personal injury compensation for our clients than our rivals do. The national average compensation paid out for car accidents claims in the last 12 months was £2614, our average recovery for our clients was £3092 – nearly £500 more! In addition we do not charge you for an ATE insurance policy. We promise you that we will achieve the best possible outcome for your claim.

No Win No fee, No Sale No Fee

No Win No Fee

Our No Win No Fee Injury Claim guarantee means that you will have nothing to pay if your personal injury claim is unsuccessful. We will cover all your costs and we don’t ask you to pay for ATE insurance like most other firms do as we insure your claim ourselves. We promise you that you will never be out of pocket whatever the outcome.

So Put Your Legal Matter In Our Expert Hands

So Put Your Legal Matter In Our Expert Hands

Since 2009 we have grown to be the largest specialised personal injury claims solicitors in Wales & Cheshire and last year we recovered over £1,200,000 for our clients. With over half of our current clients being recommended to us by our previous clients you can see that we live up to our promises. We promise you 100% client satisfaction.


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