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Do you require a solicitor to help you claim for a nursery or school accident that's caused injury to your child? If so, PSR Solicitors can help you.

If your son or daughter has been injured, whether at school, in a nursery or playgroup, we know how difficult it can be to cope on your own. The injury itself will be causing your child pain and suffering but it can also place limitations on your own lifestyle. In addition, you may also be suffering from a loss of income as you take time off to care for them, which can add further strain to your situation.

Our specialist accident at school solicitors can help you with everything, from claiming for your child’s injury and your losses, such as loss of earnings and travel expenses to arranging private medical treatment and rehabilitation to assist in your recovery and get your life back on track. Pursuing compensation for your child’s injury is not something you have to do on your own, you need specialist advice. Trust us to help you.

About School and Nursery Injury Compensation Claims

It is particularly upsetting and distressing when a child is injured at school or nursery as we always trust that these are safe places for our children to learn and thrive. Accidents, however, can and do happen, for example when there is a lack of teacher supervision or where procedures have not been followed, such as children not wearing hi-vis jackets whilst out on a school trip. There are other examples where furniture is faulty and we have dealt with one case where a child was accidentally struck by a teacher ringing a school bell, which resulted in the need for extensive dental treatment.

Injuries can sometimes be life-changing and the effects will be felt by the entire family. Significant injuries can even result in permanent disability, but we are here to offer all the help and support we can to make life as easy as possible for you and your child.

We are committed to securing the full amount of financial recompense available and will co-ordinate everything your child needs such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, and educational provision.

Any compensation award will consider the long-term impact of your child’s injuries, any loss of earnings you may experience due to caring for your child and will factor in additional costs such as any specialist equipment that may be required or private tuition if they are unable to attend school whilst recovering or if they miss a large number of lessons because of attending hospital appointments.

Our experienced solicitors can help you with a wide range of nursery and school injury claims such as:

  • Accidents at school
  • Accident in nursery
  • Tripping accidents
  • Dangerous furniture
  • Lack of teacher supervision
  • Poorly organised school trips

If you are looking to claim compensation for a personal injury to your child which happened at school or nursery and you want free advice from a fully qualified solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist Child Injury Lawyers ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to all on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful so No Win No Fee = No Risk To You.

Am I eligible to make a Child Injury Claim?

If a child under the age of 18 has been injured whilst at school or nursery, a claim for compensation can be made on their behalf, usually by a parent or guardian. In some circumstances however, the court can appoint another suitable adult including an alternative relative, family friend, professional advocate or a solicitor to pursue a claim.

We can also help you to make a compensation claim if you, as a visitor or employee, have been injured on the school premises.

For bespoke advice based on your specific situation and circumstances contact our personal injury solicitors today.

How do I make a Compensation Claim?

To claim compensation for an injury sustained on school grounds, you first need to contact one of our personal injury specialists for initial, free advice on the likelihood of a successful claim and the pay-out you can expect.

Your dedicated solicitor will then want to find out more about the precise circumstances surrounding the injury including where it took place, who was involved and whether there were any witnesses. We will then contact the school to see if they accept responsibility for what has happened in order to immediately make a claim.

In the event that the school doesn’t accept liability straightaway, we will gather evidence including witness statements, CCTV, and medical reports. It is key to your claim that we understand fully the extent and impact of your child’s injuries and will carry out thorough and exhaustive investigations to strengthen your case for compensation.

All personal injury cases involving a child have to be heard by a judge, even in cases where responsibility has been accepted and a financial award agreed, to ensure that any settlement reached is fair and in the best interests of your child both now and in the future.

What will happen to my Child's Compensation?

Once a financial package has been agreed, the funds will be kept by the court until your child is 18 when they will receive the full compensation plus any interest that has been accrued.

If, in the meantime, you need to access the compensation to cover care costs or to pay for private tuition for example, we can help you make an application to the court. A decision as to whether some of the money can be released for this purpose will be decided by the judge, who will again act in the best interests of your child.

How can PSR's Child Injury Claim Specialists help?

Some law firms don’t use qualified solicitors to handle care claims anymore but your child deserves the best.

PSR Solicitors is recognised as the leading personal injury firm across North Wales and Cheshire and we are nationally recognised in the field of Child Injury Claims. We are accredited by the Law Society for our personal injury provision and have achieved the Lexcel Management Standard for providing exceptional legal services to all of our clients.

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis so that you don’t have to worry about the financial impact of pursuing a claim.

We are committed to delivering the best results for anyone that needs our help and your case will be handled by a personal injury specialist who has the experience and expertise to achieve the best results for you and your child.

Not only will we work to secure the maximum amount of compensation available but will work tirelessly to provide your family with all the care and support you need.

We will help to coordinate and secure a financial package to cover:

  • The best private medical treatment.
  • Specialist equipment and home modifications to help your child live as independently as possible.
  • Counselling and therapy sessions to help your child and family come to terms with what has happened.
  • Private tuition if your child is unable to attend school for significant periods of time.
  • Loss of earnings due to caring for your child following their accident or injury.
  • Additional expenses such as the cost of travelling to and from medical appointments.

We are here beyond the point of securing the compensation and will provide ongoing support and advice helping to:

  • Secure interim payments to cover costs until the claim is settled.
  • Apply to the court if you require the early release of compensation funds to meet any of your child’s ongoing needs.
  • Set up a personal injury trust to protect your child’s compensation from third parties, care costs both now and in the future and any means testing which could potentially affect benefits they may be entitled to once they reach 18.

If your child has been seriously injured at school or nursery, we understand the devastating and far-reaching effects that this can have for you, your child and loved ones. Our friendly and approachable team will handle your situation sensitively and with care and understanding at all stages. We will deal with every aspect of the legal process on your behalf to minimise the stress you are under allowing you to concentrate on your family and move on from what has happened.

Contact the School Injury Claim experts today

Based in the heart of local communities since 2009 we have offices in Colwyn Bay, Ellesmere Port, Rhyl, Shotton and Wrexham and we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service to clients across North Wales and Cheshire.

PSR Solicitors is renowned amongst its peers for our specialist expertise in dealing with Child injury Claims, so contact our Accident Claim Solicitors today for immediate assistance from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor and you can rest assured that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you, allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.

Contact our Accident Claim Solicitors in North Wales or our Injury Lawyers in Cheshire to get assistance from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor and you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.


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