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Child Injury Lawyers for Accident Compensation & Child Injury Claims

Do you require a Child Injury Lawyer to help you claim for an accident to your child?

Our Child Injury Lawyers are experts in securing injury compensation settlements for children and their families.

If your child has suffered an injury because of an accident where someone else was at fault or negligent, then no matter how serious, we understand how difficult this experience can be for the child and also for you as parents or relatives. When the injury carries a severe impact, with the possibility of life-changing implications, this is one of the worst things that can happen to any parent or family.

The immediate aftermath can be a particularly disorientating and harrowing experience for parents, but for all concerned, the initial focus must be on the immediate care and well-being of your child. This too would be our priority.

Our Child Injury Lawyers have huge experience in helping parents and families through this most testing of times, and we have relationships in place allowing us to call upon a wealth of medical expertise to ensure the best chances of making the fullest recovery are made available to your child.

We completely empathise with what you will be going through and we are acutely aware that considering legal proceedings against those liable for your child’s injury will be the least important item occupying your thoughts in the immediate days after the accident.

A serious injury to a child is every parents' greatest fear, but if your child has been injured through the fault or negligence of others you are entitled to claim compensation. 

For the most serious of injuries, likely to have long-lasting effects for your child’s future, financial compensation may well be needed to adapt the home and provide the capacity for leading the fullest life possible for you and your child.  There will no doubt be many challenges stresses on the home environment and family unit, but our Injury Claim experts can lighten the load as much as is possible.

The Child Injury Lawyers at PSR Solicitors will be part of the support your family needs in the days and months following the injury. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome.  Call one of our serious injury claims team at our offices across Wales and the North West of England to see how we can help.

About children’s Injury Claims

Accidents involving children can be a very traumatic experience for the whole family. 

If your child has suffered an injury in an accident, whether at school or nursery, in a playground or in a shop, then you will want the best legal advice to help ensure your child's well-being receives total prioritisation and the closest attention. 

Our Child Injury Lawyers will provide you and your family with the best representation possible for your injury claim.

The injury itself will no doubt be causing your child pain and suffering as a minimum but it can also place limitations on your own lifestyle. In addition, you may also be in financial difficulty from losing income after taking time off to care for your child which can add further strain to your situation.

There are times when accidents do happen as children explore the world, however at other times you as a parent hand over the supervision and safety of your child to others. This can be at school for example when you trust the teachers to take care of them at school or on excursions. Rightly, you should expect there to be a safe, child-friendly environment provided at all times. If something goes wrong and your child is injured then it may be that the duty of caire which should have been provided has failed.

Our Solicitors help families with all kinds of Child Injury Claims such as:

  • Accident at school or nursery
  • Playground Accidents
  • Fairground Accidents
  • Accidents at the swimming baths
  • Car accidents
  • Bike accidents

What Counts as a Serious Injury?

When your child suffers any form of injury, then as a parent, it is likely that you will rightly view it seriously.  In the eyes of the law, serious injuries (often referred to legally, as a catastrophic injury) are those which have an enormous impact on the lives of the people that experience them

Catastrophic injuries to children are also, therefore, injuries likely to carry the highest compensation settlement values. 

The following types of injury claim would tend to be seen as catastrophic:

  • Child Brain Injury Claims
  • Child Spinal Cord Injury Claims
  • Severe burns Claims
  • Amputations or where a child suffers a traumatic loss of a limb
  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Organ damage
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances

Child Serious Injury would like also involve characteristics similar, but not limited to the points below:

  • Where the child's future development will be impaired
  • Where the child is subject to  extended periods in hospital
  • Where the Child will need future surgery beyond initial medical treatments
  • Where the child has a physical or mental condition or suffers pain they did not have before the accident
  • Where you as the main caregiver or other family members have suffered a loss of earnings, as a result of caring for the injured child.

The above list is not exhaustive, so if your child has suffered a serious injury not covered in this list, that you believe was due to the carelessness or negligence of a third party, then it is still likely you can pursue a claim for compensation. The first step is to open a conversation with one of our expert lawyers, who can tell you very quickly whether you have a claim that has a high chance of success.

What will making a Claim for my Child's Injury involve?

When you first contact the Child Injury lawyers at PSR Solicitors, we aim to help you feel reassured immediately. One of our friendly team will listen carefully as you relay the circumstances of the incident that has led to the injury. We will ask further questions as we listen to your story of what has happened in order to ensure our complete understanding. 

This first consultation is completely free of charge and we may even be able to confirm at this initial stage whether we can handle the case on a No Win No fee basis, although it could be that further information is required before we can confirm this. 

Following this initial conversation, we will be able to inform you over the next steps and describe the best way of progressing the injury claim for your child.

Contacting those at fault for your Child's Injury

As our first step, our team will contact those parties believed to be liable for your child's injury to inform them we believe a claim for injury compensation is fair and justified and to seek early confirmation as to their acceptance of blame for what has occurred. 

If responsibility is accepted by either individual parties or all parties concerned in the events which have caused the injury, we will seek an immediate interim compensation amount, which can obviously alleviate financial pressures or help to fund private medical care or other types of expenses which can easily be incurred following an injury to your child. These initial payments will not affect the total compensation award that may eventually be reached, but will obviously be taken out of the final award. 

Gathering evidence

Our Child Injury Lawyers will examine every detail of the circumstances that have led to your child's injury. Our team will leave no stone unturned.  Evidence gathering is crucial especially when those believed to be responsible, dispute their liability. 

We will liaise with the police if necessary and conduct our own investigation to gather as much evidence as is possible from CCTV footage, eye-witnesses  & we can call on independent medical experts as well.

Where the injuries sustained are of a significant degree, PSR has a network of specialist medical professionals we can rely upon for the very best diagnosis and prognosis surrounding the long-term impact that such an injury may leave on your child and their capacity to live a full and independent life. 

Medical expertise can also help design special care-package measures that may be required to help your child make the fullest recovery possible. Such care needs and their costs can be substantial and their costs must be catered for and calculated within the compensation claim. 

Compensation Payouts & Financial Settlement

Compensation claims that go to court can sometimes take a long time to settle. This process can also be draining and stressful for the family, especially where multiple parties are involved and liability is disputed. 

PSR Solicitors will always try to negotiate claims out of court for this very reason,  but sometimes court is necessary, and if so, you can rest assured that our ability as tenacious injury claim litigators will ensure your claim succeeds. 

If liability is disputed, or if the compensation award value we claim is contested by those liable for the injury, we will instruct court proceedings. If when court proceedings are started, many claims eventually settle before the court date. We will stand by you throughout this process, and ensure strain on the family unit is kept to a minimum. You can rely on PSR Solicitors. 

All Child Injury Claims that go proceed to the courts must also go before a judge for an infant approval hearing. 

What is an Infant Approval Hearing?

An Infant Approval Hearing (also known as a 'Damages Approval Hearing') is heard after the Child's compensation claim has settled. 

Where a child is injured it is deemed insufficient for the claimant to purely accept the compensation claim settlement and to then receive payment. Under Part 21 of the Civil Procedure Rule, a judge must be satisfied that the compensation award value is reasonable and the child's well-being and best interests are catered for. 

When a claim is made for compensation following an injury to a child, the courts must approve the final compensation settlement. This process must be followed irrespective of whether the claim goes to court or not. so even where lawyers on opposing sides of the claim settled out of court, the solicitors must prepare the relevant paperwork for submission in order that is can be heard at an Infant Approval Hearing. 

These measures are all in place to protect the child and their future. The purpose of the Infant Approval Hearing is to ensure:

  • The child's Injury Compensation Claim is not under-valued
  • Any Compensation Award is invested suitably for the benefit of the child's future needs

Making a Child Injury Claim on behalf of your Child

The process of making a Child Injury Claim following an accident allows you to receive money to help cover a range of expenses and treatments that may be incurred or required.

Of course, every accident differs from case to case, so compensation settlement values also differ greatly depending on many variables surrounding the accident and the circumstances surrounding family life. 

The severity of the injury and the amount of pain and suffering caused are considered as is the possibility of pain in later life and the potential need for surgery at later stages of child development too. Whether treatments and certain types of care or equipment can facilitate a better quality of life will also be taken into account. With some child injuries, parents are forced to become a primary carer, which makes it difficult to work or continue with careers that may be established, so a loss of earnings enforced on parents will also be factored into the calculation of the final compensation settlement figure.

Our specialist Child Injury Lawyers will help you claim compensation for: 

  • Physical & Mental therapies and treatment that can aid recovery
  • Private Medical treatment
  • Pain suffering & loss of amenities
  • Loss of earnings (where parents are forced to take time off, or even give up work)
  • Adaptations and modifications to the home
  • Modifications to vehicles
  • Supplementary expenses (ie. travel expenses)
  • Financial losses incurred at the time of the accident (ie. bicycle)
  • Home tutoring (where children are forced into a prolonged absence from school)
  • Prosthetics & mobility aids (inc. wheelchairs)

Compensation can be claimed for many additional areas if it can be shown to the courts, that losses have resulted from the injury to your child or that additional expense has been sustained.

A full discussion with our team will help define what can be claimed for​​​

Are there time limits on making a Child Injury Claim?

If your child is under the age of 18, they are deemed too young to make a claim for themselves. As a parent, you can pursue the Injury claim for compensation on behalf of your child. In the eyes of the law, a parent can initiate such a claim until the child is 18 years old, but we would urge you not to wait as evidence gathering and proving liability is always most effectively handled as soon as you are able to contemplate making a claim after the injury. 

A person can claim compensation themselves for an injury that happened to them as a child once they are 18. An  Individual would then have 3 years from there 18th birthday to make the injury claim.

In exceptional circumstances that surround the mental capacity of the injured person, sometime this 3-year limit can be extended, again the specialist serious injury lawyers at PSR solicitors are perfectly positioned to advise on your own particular situation.

No Win No Fee Child Injury Claims

PSR can support No Win No Fee Child Injury Claims. Indeed the vast majority of the injury claims we handle are dealt with in this way. Following initial discussions surrounding your case, we will be able to confirm that we can handle your case in this way.

At the start of your claim, we will discuss funding options and advise you on what is most suitable. For parents who are members of trade unions or who have legal expenses cover as part of their home insurance policy, it may prove more effective to fund a claim using these provisions.

Ultimately, if we think your claim is best supported by our No Win No Fee agreement we will confirm this clearly. 

Contact the Expert Child Injury Lawyers

If you are looking to claim compensation for a personal injury to your child and you want free advice from a fully qualified solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist Child Injury Solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to all on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful so No Win No Fee = No Risk To You.

Contact our Accident Claim Solicitors in North Wales or our Injury Lawyers in Cheshire to get assistance from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor and you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.


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