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7 toys which could cause an injury to your child

Richard Layfield
Posted by: Richard Layfield Solicitor - Head of Personal Injury

7 Baby Toys that pose injury risk to toddlers

Which magazine tested a number of baby toys and found that some were dangerous


We've noticed an article from 'Which Magazine' that we wanted to share. As leading Child Injury Solicitors in Wales & UK, we take particular interest in the safety of children.

The article covered analysis into toys they have found pose serious injury risks to children. Certainly worth a read to see if you have any of the offending items in your home.

What are the toys?

These are the seven toys that Which? found to pose a choking risk for babies, and where they are or were sold:

  • Silivo Baby Teether and Toothbrush from the Amazon Marketplace
  • Gupamiga Baby Toothbrush Baby Teether Infant Toothbrush Corn from Amazon
  • Matchstick Monkey Blue Monkey Teething Toy from John Lewis
  • Iceblueor Giraffe Baby Teether from Amazon Marketplace
  • Turquoise Gummee Glove inc Red Silicone Heart from Amazon
  • SLGOL Baby Silicone Teething Toys (pineapple only) from Amazon Marketplace
  • Jellystone Designs jchews Moustache Teether from

Although the toys tested by Which? were purchased from Amazon and John Lewis, they also found the same toys being sold from retailers like Boots, Mothercare and Argos.

Failed safety tests


Which? said, “During the tension test, part of British Standards-approved assessments for toys for children under 36 months, parts detached that were small enough to be swallowed or inhaled.”

Which? tested 15 teething toys and also conducted an impaction test, which is a test to see “whether there is a risk that the teething toy could block the throat of a child who is too young to sit up unaided”.

Head of home products and services at Which? Natalie Hitchins said, “The safety of teething toys should be absolutely paramount, so it’s shocking that such a high proportion of the products we’ve tested could put children at risk of choking.”

As a result of the testing, Which? has stated that parents should immediately stop using any of the products that failed its testing.

What did the retailer have to say?

After reporting the failures of the products to the Office for Product Safety and Standards, Which? also reported the failures to the retailers and manufacturers.

John Lewis said, “We take product safety extremely seriously. Matchstick Monkey has demonstrated that this product has passed the relevant independent tests and adheres to international safety regulations.

“In our assessment, we believe this product remains safe and we continue to sell it.”

A spokesperson for Amazon responded, “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are no longer available.”

Contact the Child Safety Experts 

Obviously we hope that your child remains safe at all times, but if your family is affected by any form of injury to your child, then you will be entitled to claim compensation

PSR Solicitors are expert Child Injury Claim Lawyers so if your child is unfortunate enough to be injured by any of the above toys or in any other way then please contact us now. We are the leading child injury claim solicitors in North Wales & Cheshire, and we act for clients in Liverpool & Merseyside.

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