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Child Compensation Calculator for all Child Injury Claims

Child's Injury Claim - How much can you expect?

If your thinking of making a Child Injury Claim becuase your son or duaghter has suffered injury due to someone else's negligence, our team are recognised as experts in Child Injury Claims. We can help and support you rthrougout the claims process and beyond.

If you are looking to understand the levels of compensation you may be able to claim on their behalf, then our Child Compensation Calculator will be of interest.

Children can, and do, have accidents on a frequent basis. Children are naturally inquisitive, and the vast majority of parents will be well versed in attending to minor bumps and scrapes; they are all part and parcel of growing up.

But on occasion, more serious injuries involving children can be caused by someone else’s fault or negligence. When this happens, it can be extremely upsetting.  Not only is your child injured, but you will also be left feeling angry and let down by the individual or organisation that was supposed to be ensuring the safety of your child,

Our solicitors are Child Accident Claims specialists and we can help no matter what situation you face.

Whether your child has fallen whilst unsupervised at nursery, been injured by a faulty toy, or hurt themselves on a piece of damaged playground equipment at the local park, PSR's Child Injury Claims experts are here to help you claim the compensation your child deserves.

How much compensation will my injured child receive?

The level of compensation that your child is likely to receive will depend entirely on the unique circumstances surrounding your child’s accident.

In any personal injury claim, including child accident compensation claims, the amount of compensation that the victim is awarded is determined by a number of factors including the nature of the accident, the type and severity of the victims' injuries, the long-term impact of the injuries on the child, and whether the child's family have suffered financially as a consequence of the accident. 

We offer to support your Child Injury Claim on a No Win No Fee basis, letting you keep more of the compensation compared to other firms. Most solicitors will take 25% of your compensation as their success fee, while PSR Solicitors will only charge a 15% success fee on Child Injury Compensation cases.

Our team of child injury compensation claim specialists will listen to everything you have to say about your child’s injury and will use their experience to ensure they have a thorough understanding of how your child’s injury has affected your child and your family, as well as establishing what the future may hold.

Child Personal Injury Claim Compensation Settlement Values

Compensation Guide

Child Brain Injury Claim Compensation

Acute brain damage to a child:

£245,000 - £350,000

Moderately severe brain damage to a child:

£190,000 - £245,000

Moderate brain damage:

£37,000 - £190,000

Mild head injury (minimal brain damage) to a child:

£1,900 - £11,000

Epilepsy affecting a child:

£9,000 - £130,000

Compensation Guide

Accident Compensation for Injuries Affecting a Child’s Sight

Total blindness in both eyes and deafness affecting a child:

up to £325,000

Total blindness in both eyes of a child:

up to £214,000

Loss of sight in one eye, partial loss of sight in the other eye of a child

£51,000 - £84,500

Loss of sight in one eye of a child:

£43,500 - £52,500

Minor eye injury affecting a child:

£3,160 - £6,950

Temporary eye injury affecting a child:

£1,760 - £3,150

Compensation Guide

Child Facial Scarring Injury Compensation

Chronic tooth pain plus deterioration affecting a child:

up to £30,400

Loss or damage to both of a child’s front teeth:

£3,470 - £6,080

Loss or damage to one a child’s front teeth:

£1,760 - £3,150

Loss or damage to a child’s back teeth (per tooth):

£870 - £1,360

Compensation Guide

Accident Compensation for Injuries to a Child’s Arm

Amputation/Loss of a child’s arm at the shoulder:

No less than £109,350

Amputation/Loss of a child’s arm below the elbow:

£76,700 - £87,410

Severe child’s arm injury - extremely limited ability to move the arm:

£76,700 - £104,350

Serious child’s arm injury - substantial and permanent disablement:

£31,200 - £47,750

Serious child’s arm injury - partial recovery/long-term effects:

£15,300 - £31,200

Fracture to child’s forearm - no complications:

£5,630 - £16,380

Compensation Guide

Accident Compensation for Injuries to a Child’s Leg

Amputation of a child’s leg above the knee:

£83,500 - £110,000

Amputation of a child’s leg below the knee:

£78,100 - £106,000

Various serious injuries to a child’s leg with permanent issues but no amputation:

£21,100 - £108,400

Child leg fractures and soft tissue injuries with permanent problems:

£14,340 - £22,200

Straightforward child leg fracture of the thigh bone(Femur):

£7,280 - £11,250

Straightforward child leg fracture of the lower bone (Tibia or Fibula) :

Up to £9,440

Compensation Guide

Child Injury Compensation Claim Settlement values above are provided as guidelines only and are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines surrounding general damages for pain and suffering. 

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What could affect the value of my Child Injury Claim?

Your dedicated child injury lawyer will also consider other factors when calculating the potential value of your claim, including:

  • The age of your child
  • Any additional treatment or specialist care your child might need outside the services provided by the NHS
  • The long term impact of the accident on your child’s future
  • Any support you, your child or your family may need
  • Any specialist equipment required and any adaptation to your home or vehicle
  • Financial losses due to the amount of time you or other family members have had to take off of work to care for and support your child.
  • Any injury-related costs, such as medical expenses or travel costs.

The judge will consider the details we submit, along with medical reports and witness statements, to allow them to determine an appropriate amount that best suits the circumstances.

Our Child Injury Claim compensation calculator below provides provisional 'general' 

damages compensation values as set out in the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). General damages are meant to compensate for general pain & suffering caused by the injuries sustained by the child. However, this guide does not consider the ‘special damages' element of your child injury compensation claim, as these are unique in every case. These will be discussed with your solicitor during the claims process.

How common are Child Accidents?

Sadly, child accidents are all too common, with over two million children aged 15 and under suffering some form of accident every year. Many child accidents will be relatively trivial, resulting in a minor cut or bruise, but unfortunately, others will not, requiring a trip to the local A & E Department. Over the last 10 years, children aged between 0-14 have consistently accounted for around 20% of all A & E admissions in each of those years.

Whilst the majority of child accidents occur in the home, with under-5’s particularly susceptible to sustaining burn injuries in the kitchen or suffering a fall on the stairs, these types of accidents do not give rise to child injury compensation claims.

Accidents sustained outside the home, such as those that occur in a school or at a sports club, are significantly more likely to be someone’s responsibility. Being injured due to faulty sports equipment, slipping on a spillage in the school corridor or suffering an injury on age-inappropriate toys at pre-school are all examples of accidents that can be attributed to someone's negligence.

In children aged 0-4 years old, the leading cause of accidents outside the home is the lack of adequate supervision. This could involve, for example, a child choking when a staff member temporarily leaves a child unattended or a care assistant leaving a stair safety gate open, leading to a child falling down the stairs.

Other child accidents that are commonplace are those involving toys. Children's toy manufacturers are held to a higher standard of safety than many other industries and have a duty to ensure their products are safe for use by children. Despite this, each year around 35,000 British children are injured by dangerous or defective toys. Many of these injuries can be traced back to errors made by the manufacturers. 

Every year, thousands of products are recalled due to issues with their production; but often these issues are only identified when someone has already been injured by the product. 

Toys are often recalled for reasons including, sharp edges, pieces posing a choking risk or the use of harmful materials in production. Similarly, toys that are incorrectly marketed to age groups that the toy is inappropriate for have the potential to cause injuries such as choking.

Unlike adults, children aren't considered capable of looking out for their own safety, meaning it's highly likely that an accident involving a child will be found to be someone's responsibility. 

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your child’s accident, contact our team of child injury claim experts and we will be able to advise you on the merits of your claim and help you secure the compensation and help your child deserves.

How do I make a Child Injury Claim for Compensation?

If your child is injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another person or organisation, you have the right to make a child accident claim on your child’s behalf. If you do decide to make a claim for your child, you must do so within three years of the date of the incident. If you opt not to make a claim on your child’s behalf, they will have three years from the date the child turns 18, in which to bring the case to court themselves.

When you make a claim on your child’s behalf, you will act as their ‘litigation friend’, which means that, under the guidance of your solicitor, you will be required to protect your child’s legal rights, including representing your child’s interests in court and making decisions on your child’s behalf.

Our team of personal injury solicitors have a long-standing track record of helping families claim compensation for injuries sustained by their children. With years of experience in handling child accident claims, PSR Solicitors are here to support you at this difficult time.

Making a Serious Injury Claim for a Child

A serious injury to anyone you love is traumatic but when it’s your child that has been affected, it can be devastating to you and your child.

We appreciate that any injury affecting your child can feel like a serious injury but from a legal perspective, there are certain criteria that result in your child’s injury being categorised as a serious or catastrophic injury, such as:

  • An injury that results in a prolonged stay in the hospital for your child
  • An injury that leaves your child with a lifelong condition or pain
  • An injury that affects your child’s long-term development
  • An injury that leads to the loss of their sense of hearing or vision
  • An incident that results in severe burns or scalding
  • An injury that results in an amputation
  • An injury that affects the brain or spinal cord, potentially leading to a degree of paralysis

In all likelihood, any catastrophic injury is going to result in you needing to take significant periods of time off of work. A serious injury claim will allow access to compensation levels that will help with your child’s care and recovery, as well as covering the impact of you being unable to work.

We know what a daunting prospect the thought of starting a claim can be and that is why our friendly and approachable team are here to listen and support you. We can offer you legal advice on your child’s claim and can help facilitate access to the best medical care for your child. 

If you would like to find out more about your child’s serious injury claim, call PSR Solicitors for a free, no-obligation initial assessment of your child’s claim and let us take the burden of the claim out of your hands so that you and your child can concentrate on what is important, making a quick recovery.

When will we be able to access the compensation for a child’s injury?

Whilst parents are legally entitled to make a child injury compensation claim on behalf of their child, they will not be permitted access to the compensation that is ultimately awarded. Instead, once the case has concluded and the compensation has been awarded, the money will be transferred directly into a court bank account, where it will be held until the victim reaches their 18th birthday, at which point the funds will be transferred into their account.

It is sometimes possible for parents and children to petition the courts to release some of the funds early, but these types of requests are normally only ever granted if the petitioner can demonstrate how the child will benefit from the money being released. Successful requests normally relate to medical bills or education costs that the family would otherwise be unable to fund.

Common Child Injury Claims.

There are countless ways in which child accidents can occur, but our experienced child injury claim specialists regularly deal with the following types of child accident compensation claims:

Children sustaining injuries in school due to improper safety measurements are not uncommon. Children regularly suffer from broken bones acquired in slips or falls, and it is not unheard of for children to lose fingers or suffer burns in practical lessons such as metalwork and cookery. School playground equipment, sports equipment used in PE, and wet floors are the most common causes of injuries to school children. Compensation for an injury to a child sustained in a school can vary, it will depend on the nature of the incident, the severity of the injuries and the potential long-term effects of the injury on the child.

When a parent places their child in a nursery, they do so on the assumption that their child will be cared for by an adequate number of appropriately trained staff. If a child injures themselves while under the care of the nursery staff and if that accident can be attributed to the negligence of the nursery or its staff, then that child's parents have the right to make a claim for child injury compensation.

As more and more play centres and soft play areas pop up around the country, so has the prevalence of play centre child injury claims. It is essential that play centre owners and those that manage them ensure that there are adequate numbers of staff working at all times and that those staff members are appropriately trained, including making sure there is sufficient first-aid knowledge on-site at all times. Whilst a lot of fun, accidents are all too common in such places, with children susceptible to injury from slips, trips and falls, hot drink spillages and damaged or poorly maintained equipment.

Just as with adults, children can also sustain an injury in a public place. It could be an injury involving a piece of damaged playground equipment or could be a result of a slip on a wet floor in the local supermarket. Whatever the nature of your child's public place injury, you could be entitled to claim compensation from the local council, business or organisation responsible for ensuring that your child was safe whilst using their premises or facilities.

Sadly, road traffic accidents involving children are far too frequent. Like adults, children can suffer injury when a car they are travelling in becomes involved in a collision. They can also fall victim to negligent drivers, sustaining an injury having been struck as a pedestrian while crossing the road. If your child has been involved in a road accident and the accident was down to the negligent actions of somebody else, then you are able to pursue a child accident compensation claim on their behalf, acting as their litigation friend.

Similarly, you can also make a child whiplash claim on your child's behalf.

Claim for Child Injury Compensation.

At PSR Solicitors, our expert child injury lawyers operate a ”No Win No Fee” promise, meaning no upfront charges apply when you choose to proceed with PSR, and in the unlikely event your claim was found to be unsuccessful, you will not have to pay costs for any legal work already undertaken.  If your claim results in a compensation settlement for a child injury, our team charges a lower success fee than the other firms, at only 15%.

This essentially allows you to pursue a claim without worrying about any impending financial loss whatsoever. Our specialist solicitors are ready to speak with you to discuss any enquiries with you in strict confidence. Call the team of child accident compensation claim experts at PSR today.

You can contact a member of PSR Solicitors directly for free advice on whether you have grounds to make a claim, and assuming you have, they have the skills and expertise to handle your child accident claim from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on helping your child make a speedy recovery. 

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