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Traumatic Head Injury Claims

Our specialist Head Injury Solicitors help those who have suffered a traumatic head injury claim the compensation needed to get their lives back on track.  

If you have suffered from a head injury in an accident, whether you have fallen from height at work or been injured in a serious car accident, we know how difficult it can be to cope on your own.

We will guide and support you at every stage of claiming compensation for your injury and recovering your losses.  We’ll even arrange private medical treatment and rehabilitation to ensure your recovery is optimal.

Pursuing compensation for your head injury is not something you have to do on your own, you need specialist advice. Trust us to help you.

To talk to an expert head injury solicitor, call 0800 0209167 for a no-obligation chat with one of our friendly team.

Can I claim compensation for a head injury?

If you have suffered from a serious head injury in the past three years and feel that someone else is accountable, then you may be eligible for compensation.

Whether your symptoms are short-term or permanent, you will still have experienced pain, inconvenience and financial costs through no fault of your own and you deserve to be fully compensated for what has happened to you.

How do I make a claim for a head injury?

The first step is to contact one of our personal injury solicitors. You can do this by phone, email or by completing the online enquiry form. We will then gather more detailed information from you including where and how the injury occurred, who else was involved and whether there were any witnesses present. We will then be able to advise on how likely you are to have a successful claim, the amount you can expect to receive and what to do next. 

What are the time limits for making a head injury claim?

There are strict time limits in place for personal injury compensation claims.  Usually, Court proceedings must be started within 3 years of the incident.  However, if the person is under the age of 18 at the time of the injury the time limit is extended until that person’s 21st birthday.  Also, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 the time limit does not apply if someone is unable to manage their own affairs.

How much compensation can be expected for a head injury claim?

The compensation paid out for a serious head injury is dependent on the severity of your injury and the impact it has on your life.  The first part of your compensation claim is for the pain and suffering caused by the injury itself and will be valued according to Court guidelines based on previous case law of similar accidents.  The second part of your compensation claim is for the financial losses you have suffered.  This will depend on your circumstances, but may include the following areas:

  • Medical bills (current and future)
  • Lost wages (current and future)
  • Cost of assistance for daily life activities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Cost of any modifications to your home

How do head injuries affect people?

Serious head injuries can affect not only the injured person’s life but the lives of others around them. 

Some people suffer injuries that leave them scarred and disfigured.  This can have serious detrimental effects on their work and private lives and can lead to depression. Others suffer from internal head injuries which can lead to memory loss and other impairments meaning that although physically they appear fine, they are in fact suffering a great deal.

Head injuries can also affect your employment and earnings, adding financial worries to the stress and strain that you already under.  It is therefore essential that you have the right team behind you to secure the compensation needed to provide you with financial security and aid your recovery. 

Your compensation award is there to recognise the impact of your injury and to cover:

  • Medical treatments, therapies and rehabilitation
  • Protection against loss of earnings both now and in the future
  • Any out of pocket expenses

The process of claiming compensation may feel daunting and you may not even be sure that you are eligible.  Our dedicated personal injury team are here to help. We will advise you on the process and will utilise our considerable expertise and technical knowledge to achieve the results you need.

What are the different types of serious head injury?

Head injuries can affect your brain, skull or scalp and usually fall into one of two categories:

Open Head Injury

Also known as penetrating head injuries, occur when an object penetrates the skull and potentially comes into contact with the brain tissue.

Closed Head Injury

This type of trauma is sustained as the result of a blow to the head. There may be no visible wound and the skull will often remain intact.  However, a greater area of the brain can be affected, due to the force of the impact, heightening the risk of more long-term damage. 

Common symptoms of a head injury

Traumatic head injuries tend to include some or potentially all the following effects:


Concussion is one of the most common effects of a traumatic head injury. Usually caused by a heavy blow, it interrupts the brain’s ability to function properly and can cause problems with cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration, as well as with speech, balance and coordination. Concussion is usually temporary but can lead to other, more severe issues if not treated quickly and effectively.

Impaired Senses

Visual disturbances, hearing loss and problems with balance can all result from a traumatic head injury. People often report pain or discomfort in the skin including tingling or itching, the inability to taste or problems affecting the sense of smell. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Lacerations to the Scalp

Cuts to the scalp, while painful, are usually minor and quick to heal. They may require stitches depending on the depth and angle of the lacerations and every care should be taken to check for further symptoms that may indicate a more serious problem. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Fits or seizures are often a side effect of a serious head injury and take place when the normal electrical function of the brain is interrupted. They can occur in the first seven days after an accident, known as Early Post-Traumatic Seizure or in the subsequent weeks or months, known as Late Post-Traumatic Seizure. Symptoms can be mild, such as overwhelming fatigue and/or dizziness or they can be more severe including unresponsiveness, loss of speech, lack of understanding and tremors.

Skull Fractures

There are four major types of fractures to the skull, with linear fractures being the most common and straightforward to heal. Depressed skull fractures result in part of the skull being indented due to the trauma, requiring corrective surgery, while diastatic skull fractures cause the bones of the skull to separate as the result of breaking two inter-connected areas. The most serious skull fracture is the basilar fracture, which is a break at the base of the skull with the potential to affect the spinal cord. ​​​​​​​

Even injuries that appear relatively minor can have a lasting impact causing ongoing pain, headaches, vision problems and balance issues. All can negatively impact your everyday life so we would urge you to seek professional legal advice from personal injury specialists in a bid to resolve your symptoms and get back to your pre-injury self.

Head injuries can also cause related problems in the back or shoulders, so whatever your symptoms get in touch with us today for more information about how we can help.


A traumatic head injury may cause damage to blood vessels in the brain.  This damage could lead to a stroke.  Studies have shown an association between head trauma and both haemorrhagic strokes and ischemic strokes.  One possible explanation for this might be a change in the body’s ability to form blood clots as a result of the head injury.​​​​​​​

How often do head injuries occur in the UK?

Head injuries can have a devastating impact on the victim, their family, and their community. Although accurate figures are hard to acquire, studies have attempted to collate the data for hospital admissions, with the following findings:

  • Approximately 1.4 million people attend hospital each year having suffered a head injury
  • According to Headway there were 348,453 admissions to hospital with brain acquired brain injury in 2016-17
  • Males are 1.5 times more likely than women to be admitted to hospital for a head injury.
  • Motor vehicle accidents cause nearly one-half of all head injuries.
  • The highest rate of injury occurs in between the ages of 15-24 years with those under the age of 5 or over the age of 75 at higher risk too.

PSR Solicitors are the personal injury claim experts you can trust

Widely regarded as the leading serious injury solicitors across North Wales and Cheshire, we regularly support clients who have sustained head injuries through incidents including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Military action
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Sports and other activities
  • Physical Assaults

We are accredited by the Law Society for personal injury services and have also achieved the Lexcel Practice Management Standard for providing excellent legal services.

Our personal injury specialists are renowned for achieving excellent results and are adept at dealing with insurance companies and negotiating the many pitfalls and obstacles of the compensation claim process.  By instructing PSR Solicitors, you are guaranteed an exceptional team of highly trained personal injury specialists that you can trust.

Pro-actively working to recover all the damages that you are owed, we will treat you with understanding and empathy, working with a determination and commitment to right the wrongs of your injury as a priority.  

We will provide you with ongoing financial advice, including information about personal injury trusts to protect your money and will arrange interim payments so that you are not out of pocket while your claim is settled. 

Our experienced solicitors can help you with a wide range of serious head injury compensation claims

If you have suffered a head injury in an accident and you want free advice on claiming compensation from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor, then please contact us now. 

Using one of our specialist solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all the compensation and help that you are entitled to all on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful so No Win No Fee = No Risk to You.

Some legal firms don’t use qualified solicitors to deal with head injury accident claims anymore, at PSR Solicitors however we believe that your case deserves special attention from a dedicated solicitor.

Contact the head injury claim experts today

As the Premier Serious Injury Solicitors in Wales and Cheshire, we have offices in Wrexham, Shotton, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay and Ellesmere Port.  You can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis, allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.

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