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£3,000 For Arriva bus accident in Upper Gronant

Posted on January 10, 2017 by PSR

£3,000 For Arriva bus accident in Upper Gronant

Arriva Bus Accident In Holywell

Sharp Braking Led To Bus Passenger Injury


Our client was a passenger on the 11G Arriva bus from Prestatyn to Holywell, having boarded the bus at Prestatyn Bus Station. Our client lived in Upper Gronant and wished to alight the bus at the bus stop at the corner of her street. Our client pressed the buzzer in order to indicate to the driver that she wished to exit the bus at the next stop. The bus driver however failed to stop at her stop and continued to drive passed the stop. Our client rang the buzzer for a second and third time, however the driver failed to stop again. As the driver was ignoring the buzzer, our client had no alternative but to get up from her seat and begin walking to the front of the bus. The bus driver suddenly and without warning braked sharply leading to our client stumbling forward and hitting the front of the bus. She fell onto her left hand side.

The driver made no attempt to assist our client, instead blaming a young child who was sitting on the disabled seats with his mother who he indicated had been ringing the buzzer continuously.

We received instructions in relation to the bus accident in Holywell in April 2015 and liability was denied by the defendant’s insurers. Following this denial of liability we issued court proceedings and listed the matter for a trial. The trial was listed for the 18th August 2016, however prior to the trial date we made a Part 36 offer in the sum of £3,000 to the defendants, which was subsequently accepted.

As a result, our client obtained a fair and reasonable compensation figure for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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