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Do you know the legal costs of moving home?

07 | 03 | 19


Do you know the legal costs of moving home?

What Are The Legal Costs Of A House Move?


Unless you have moved home recently the answer is probably no and a large number of property solicitors avoid telling you so that you cannot compare between different conveyancing firms.

However the Council for Licensed Conveyancers' have now been given power to force its members to offer greater transparency about legal costs which now must be published on the law firms website if they offer conveyancing services on the same. Quotes must be comprehensive so that comparions with other firms are “like for like”.

Solicitors will now have to also be open to clients as to whether they receive or pay referral fees to estate agents, mortgage brokers etc The rules come into effect in December 2019.

Sheila Kumar, CLC chief executive, said: 'We can now move ahead with the changes to make sure consumers will have access to additional and clearer information to help them make an informed choice when deciding which lawyer to use.'

The Solicitors Regulation Authority, who are the other governing body for conveyancers is now looking at its own price publication plans and rightfully so as it represents the majority of conveyancers in England and Wales.

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers' are following recommendations from the Competition and Markets Authority which decided that clients were not being provided with enough information and this created unfairness in the market.

If you are a moving home and you want free advice from a fully qualified conveyancer then please contact us now. We provide clear and transparent information on our costs and a free quote can be obtained by clicking on the following link - FREE QUOTATION.

Using one of our specialist conveyancing solicitors ensures that your house move will proceed quickly and with the minimum amount of stress. We are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under their Conveyancing Quality Standard scheme so you know that you can trust us to provide you with clear information and price transparency from the start.

We have offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire and you can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert conveyancers will take care of everything for you.



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