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Writing a Will—Don't Forget Your Digital Assets

Nia Edwards
Posted by: Nia Edwards Solicitor - Head of Private Client & Probate

Our lives have gradually become more centred around the digital world; every day, we use our phones, laptops and other devices to correspond, check our bank accounts, book holidays, or even just chat on Instagram or Facebook. All of this involves using our sensitive personal data, a fact we know and consent to, but what happens to this data when we are not here? How do your children access your digital photos? Your stocks and shares? Your e-books and music?

It may be time you began to think about this. Think about your loved ones wanting to access the last photographs they took with you but being unable to do so as they are locked out of your account. Think about them trying to access your bank accounts when they have no idea who you bank with or how many accounts you have. Most of us live a paperless life now, so how would they discover exactly what your digital world involves?

Leaving your 1,000 best songs on Spotify to your nearest and dearest probably wouldn’t be a significant issue, but you should ensure there is a list of your important digital information for them to use. Here is a suggested list to get you started:

  • Bank Accounts: Include the name of your bank along with the number of accounts you hold.
  • Stocks and Shares: Detail the names of your stockbroker or the companies in which you have invested.
  • Utility Providers: List their names along with your account numbers to ensure seamless management.
  • Pensions: Specify each pension scheme, including names and policy numbers.
  • Online Gambling Accounts: Note the names of the platforms you use, especially if there may be remaining credits.
  • Subscriptions: Detail accounts such as Netflix, specifying any pertinent account information.
  • Mobile Phone Provider: Include the provider’s name and your account number.
  • Insurance Policies: List your insurers along with your account numbers for each policy.
  • Photos and Videos: Specify the locations and access methods for any digital photos and videos stored on devices or in cloud storage.
  • Social Media Accounts: Document the names and login details for any social media platforms you use.
  • Email Accounts: Include details on all your email accounts and how they can be accessed.
  • Digital Documents: List any important Word documents, spreadsheets, or website domains you own.
  • Loyalty or Bonus Schemes: Mention any schemes you are part of, providing details for accessing benefits.

Dealing with someone passing away is a challenging and stressful time. You will want to assist your next of kin in every possible way, which is why you make a will in the first place. Don’t forget to leave them your digital footprint, too, as it will save them a great deal of time and stress.

Nia Edwards LLB (Hons)

Solicitor - Head of Private Client & Probate

I am Head of ‘Private Client’ at PSR Solicitors, based in our Chester office. I undertake various types of legal services such as Wills and Probate, Estate Administration, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Landlord & Tenant as well as Divorce and family matters.
Nia Edwards

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