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Accident at Work Compensation & Work Injury Claim Calculator

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If you have been injured following an accident in the workplace or you have been injured off-site during your regular working responsibilities. Our Accident at Work Solicitors can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Whatever the severity of your injury, ensuring your physical and mental well-being will be our most immediate priority. Depending on your exact circumstances and the potential for being unable to return to work, we may also need to consider your financial circumstances due to a loss of income. As Law Society accredited Personal Injury Solicitors and specialists in work accident claims, we are best placed to guarantee that all your needs and that of your family are catered for and considered in absolute detail. 

If you or a loved one have been injured at work are you are looking for information on how much compensation your claim might be worth, then our Work Accident Compensation Calculator may be useful in helping you understand the 'general damages' bracket that your injuries would fall in to.

Every Injury and its effects are individual, just like the people we help, so for more information, call for a free initial consultation, we will help and give you all the support needed.

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Work Injury Compensation Claim Settlement values are provided as guidelines only and are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines surrounding general damages for pain and suffering. *New Regulations governing compensation settlement values for 'Soft Tissue Injury (Whiplash) sustained due to a car accident come into force on 016/06/2021

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How Accident at Work Compensation Calculation works?

One of the most common questions people ask us about their accident at work claim is - how much compensation could they receive. Calculating compensation for accidents at work is rarely straightforward and much depends on the severity of your injury and the impact your injury may have on your immediate and future life.  

The Judicial College provides guidelines on compensation settlement values attached to the ‘general damages’ element of any Work Accident Compensation Claim. General damages seek to compensate injured parties for the mental & Physical pain and suffering caused by the injury itself. There can, of course, be other consequences of being injured through a non-fault accident at work, these must also be considered before a final value can be attributed to the injury compensation claim.

This process should not be rushed. Crucially all vital circumstances will be taken into account from our solicitors, and only then, will we be able to value your case suitably. In some cases, it is prudent to allow the injured person time to recover or to take time to be able to assess the injury fully before valuing the claim. We then seek to secure this compensation settlement value from those liable for your injury. Where appropriate interim compensation payments can also be sought and made.

PSR Solicitors expertly pursue work injury compensation claims on behalf of our clients. We have expert personal injury lawyers and a long-standing successful track-record in settling an extensive range of accident at work claims.

If you have sustained an injury in a work accident that was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim for financial compensation. Sometimes this compensation may need to support you financially to pay for ongoing medical care, rehabilitation and any bills incurred during the period spent out of work.

How much Compensation can you expect for being injured at work?

The total amount of compensation you will receive will be an arrangement of both general and special damages which will be calculated according to the personal circumstances of your case. General damages compensation awards differ affording to the magnitude of your injury and how quick your recover time is.

Our Solicitors will gather more information about your situation to be able to give you a more detailed idea of a potential settlement amount as well as advise you on how much you are likely to receive and how long it will take to be compensated.

The table below reflects those compensation levels set out by the Judicial College guidelines (JCG), and provides insight surrounding general damages only:

Accident at Work Compensation & Work Injury Compensation Values

Compensation Guide

Compensation for Neck Injuries (Soft Tissue) following a Work Accident

Soft tissue injury with no lasting issues beyond 1 year following the Work Injury:

up to £3,800

Complete Recovery after a couple of years:

£3,800 - £7,000

Recovery taking longer than two years but with only Moderate effects
effects are moderate:

£7,000 - £12,000

Serious on-going problems with ongoing pain, or recurring pain, and surgery may be needed:

£12,000 - £22,000

Compensation for Back Injuries (Soft Tissue) following Injury at Work

Soft tissue injury with a full recovery within 3 months:

up to £2,150

Soft tissue injury with full recovery up to a year following the accident:

up to £3,800

Full recovery between one and two years:

£3,800 - £7,000

Where recovery takes more than two years but the on-going effects are moderate:

£6,900 - £11,000

Serious on-going problems with ongoing pain, or recurring pain. Surgery may be needed with the possibility of prolapsed discs:

£11,000 - £24,500

Compensation for Chest Injuries sustained in a Work Accident

Fractures of ribs causing pain for a few weeks only:

up to £3,500

Collapsed lungs with a full recovery:

£2,000 - £4,700

Compensation for Arm Injuries following Work Injury

Simple fracture of the forearm:

£5,800 - £17,000

More serious injury with significant disability and without full recovery:

£17,000 - £34,000

Compensation for Leg Injuries following Work Injury

Hairline fracture or non-complex break of bones in the lower leg with complete recovery:

up to £10,500

Simple fracture or break of the femur:

£8,000 - £12,500

More serious fracture or serious soft tissue injury, without full recovery:

£16,000 - £24,500

Compensation for Brain Injury following an Accident at Work

Very serious brain damage
£245,000 - £350,000

Reasonably severe
£190,000 - £245,000

£37,000 - £190,000

Mild head injury (minimal brain damage)
£1,900 - £11,000

£9,000 - £130,000

Accident at Work statistics

The following statistics show the scale of how injury in the workplace affects the lives of people in the UK. These statistics are taken directly from the HSE and represent figures for Great Britain in the year 2017/2018:

  • 1.4 million working people suffering from a work-related illness
  • 2,595 mesothelioma deaths due to past asbestos exposures (2016)
  • 144 workers killed at work
  • 555,000 injuries occurred at work according to the Labour Force Survey
  • 71,062 injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR
  • 30.7 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • £15 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2016/17)

Most Dangerous industries for Accidents at Work

Based on statistics from governmental and regulatory bodies such as the HSE and Riddor. The following work areas have been identified as the most dangerous when assessing the possibility of sustaining an injury at work and the volumes of workers who are injured:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Hospitality and Food Preparation
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Common Accidents at Work leading to Injury

Our solicitors have expertise in regularly dealing with Work  Injury Claim cases that involve:

Slips or trips on dangerous surfaces

This is the most common cause of injury at work which could be down to something as simple as an unmarked wet floor, loose electric cables, or any faulty equipment within the workplace. In most cases, poor working conditions or a failure to follow health and safety regulations consequently result in employees injuring themselves due to a slip or trip at work.

Falls from a height

Employers have a duty to protect workers against injuries from falling objects. Working at height is risky and accidents including falls from a ladder or a roof can be severe and life-changing. This falls under The Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Injuries from Agricultural accidents

Whether working on a livestock farm or an arable farm, there are many dangers within the farming environment that can cause injury to farm-workers, not least the wide variety of machinery used within agriculture.  According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), there were 33 fatal injuries and 816 non-fatal injuries across the farming industry in 2017/18. If you’ve been injured while farming or doing any agricultural work, or even visiting a farm when an accident occurs, you may be eligible for compensation.

Head or Brain Injuries at Work

There are various ways in which a head or brain injury can occur.  Such as falling from height or impact injuries.  Serious driving accidents (whether driving only on work premises, or on the open road as part of your working responsibilities) can also result in severe head/brain injury. Even a slip or trip at work can have dire consequences. With the Brain being an integral organ to the human senses and bodily functions, it is for this reason why injury sustained to this part of the body can prove so serious.

Injuries from lack of required training

Without suitable knowledge, employees will not be able to follow basic safety provisions and may contribute to an accident. Most lack of training claims involve the improper use of heavy machinery, but injuries are also commonly caused by moving machinery, manual handling, working at heights, and failure to apply safety equipment.

Defective/ Dangerous machinery/ equipment

All equipment should be kept up to date, checked regularly to manufacturers' standards, and free from damage. Electrical tools should be tested and approved.  Failure to do so can result in burns, cuts, and in some serious cases, loss of limbs.

Injuries involving lifting or manual handling

Injuries involving lifting or manual handling can be initiated by lifting heavy items and not being provided with suitable materials or correct training. Incorrect lifting techniques are a major cause of back damage in the workplace, which can have a detrimental effect on future work and lifestyle choices.

Construction industry Injuries

The building trade can be extremely dangerous if health and safety regulations are not strictly adhered to. We've known situations involving collapsed scaffolding, defective machinery, and utter ignorance of safety standards not being met when it comes down to causes of injury.

Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances

A variety of industries involve workers being exposed to harmful and dangerous substances, which have the potential to cause harm to health, or worse. Harm can be caused where such substances are consumed, inhaled, or simply where they may come into contact with the skin. Harmful substances can take the form of solids, liquids, vapours, gases, and fumes. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) includes around 400 products in its list of workplace exposure limits within the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

Unsuitable equipment (scaffolding and ladders)

Ladders are commonly used within the building and construction industries, and are a common cause of accidents in the industry, as there is a larger risk of falling. This is usually a result of the safety standards not being met.

Accident At Work Compensation Claims

We will always aim to make your claim with PSR Solicitors a straightforward hassle-free process. We will deal with all the details of the claim including filing court proceedings if required. Our solicitors work with a client confidentiality policy and your recovery and well-being will always be our priority. 

We can often handle a Work accident claim on a no-win, no fee basis.  This means that in the unlikely event that your claim proves unsuccessful, you will have nothing to pay for any of our time or efforts already made. 

Through experience, we have identified that most accidents at work surround circumstances and situations that should be reasonably avoidable, and generally caused by lifting heavy objects or using defective or dangerous equipment.

 A legal obligation surrounds your employer to make sure you are protected and safe at your workplace, with environments in which you work adhering to health and safety regulations. In some instances, if you have not received the relevant training or been provided with the correct safety equipment prior to an injury, you are more than likely to make a claim for workplace compensation.

We appreciate that, on occasion, no amount of money can compensate for your injuries, but the compensation we will seek on your behalf should cover compensation for pain and suffering, medical treatment expenses, losses on out of work earnings, and future earnings and in severe cases to ensure a care package exists to deliver the best quality of life possible. Even in cases of minor work injury we will work hard and endeavour to ensure you are not left out of pocket while you recover from any work accident.

PSR is a leading team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Wales and Serious Injury Lawyers in Cheshire. Talk to us today if you have been injured and feel you are entitled to Compensation.

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