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If you or someone you know has suffered from a brain injury in an accident, whether you have fallen from a height at work or been injured in a serious car accident, we know how difficult it can be to cope.

An injury to the brain can have a devastating impact on the injured person and on those closest to them. A serious brain injury will also place severe limitations on the ability to lead an independent life and in addition, there may well be the need for ongoing medical care to be provided to make daily life possible. 

A family can be significantly affected too if this most serious of injuries befalls the person that earns the majority of income too as it is quite possible that a return to work for the injured person may never be possible. 

Naturally, it is easy to understand how, when dealing with a loved one sustaining a serious traumatic brain injury, the last additional pressure that is needed is one of financial worry. 

you are likely to be suffering from a loss of income which can add further strain to your situation.

Our specialist brain injury solicitors can help you in the immediate aftermath of such an injury and make provision for ongoing care, financial security and complimentary aids and support that can enable as much independence and the best quality of life that is possible in the circumstances.

Pursuing compensation for your brain injury is not something you have to do on your own, you need specialist advice. Trust us to help you.

About Brain Injury Compensation Claims

A serious brain injury can often mean family members or partners having to give up their own careers to provide care for their injured loved one. While the other areas of life can be hugely affected too. 

Of course, it is not always the case that brain injury leaves the injured person unable to ever care for themselves or to return a  full-life of work and normality. Some people do make full or partial recoveries but often when the brain is damaged, if the person has not recovered fully in the few months following injury, there is little chance of a full recovery taking shape over time.

Lesser brain injuries can cause memory loss, loss of smell and taste and visual and auditory impairment, or even memory loss, whereas the most serious of brain injuries can leave people is a 'Persistent Vegetative State' (PSV) where they require 24-hour care for the rest of their lives. 

At PSR Solicitors, we have an exceptional team of highly trained legal professionals who can help you secure the maximum amount of compensation to cover private medical treatment, rehabilitation, counselling and specialist equipment to help you come to terms with your injury and live as independently as possible.

Your compensation award is there to recognise the significance of your injuries, redress the financial damage and physical harm caused and to ensure that you have access to all the services you require to give you the best chance of recovery.

Any financial award will cover:

  • Private medical treatments, rehabilitation, therapy and counselling to help you recover both physically and emotionally.
  • Any specialist equipment that may be required to help you manage your injuries such as wheel chairs and assistive devices including communication aids.
  • Modifications and adaptations to your house to help you remain in your own home and live independently.
  • Loss of earnings resulting from your injury.
  • Additional out of pocket expenses such as travel to and from hospital appointments.

The amount of compensation you are likely to receive will depend on the extent of your injuries, the impact on you and your livelihood, how long your recovery is likely to take and the financial implications of what has happened to you. 

About Serious Brain Injuries

Sustaining a brain injury can be catastrophic as the brain is integral to how we function. It is responsible for sending and receiving messages to and from the other parts of the body so if an injury interrupts these signals the effects are potentially devastating.

Brain injuries are usually caused by a violent blow or impact to the head or body, when an object penetrates the brain tissue or when blood or oxygen to the brain is restricted.

Symptoms can vary and can include to a lesser or greater degree visual disturbances, headaches, seizures, changes in mood, depression, anxiety, sensory problems, vomiting and nausea, drowsiness, loss of co-ordination, memory loss and numbness or loss of feeling. The most severe injuries can cause long-term, lasting damage resulting in permanent physical or mental disability.

Mild Brain Injury - Symptoms include headaches, confusion and memory problems but these tend to be temporary and patients usually make a full recovery.

Moderate Brain Injury - Symptoms can be more long-lasting but patients can usually expect to recover within a few months with the correct medical treatments and rehabilitation.

Severe Brain Injury - The effects are normally life-changing and permanent

The terms mild, moderate and severe describe the effect of the injury on the brain function but they are all serious injuries that need swift medical attention.

Brain injuries are often categorised in one of three ways:

  • Open Head Injury - An open wound is present and an object has come into contact with the brain tissue. The prognosis is often positive as the injury is typically limited to one area of the brain.
  • Closed Head Injury - Despite no visible symptoms, these injuries typically cause the most damage as a large area of the brain is often affected resulting in paralysis and ongoing cognitive and behavioural problems.
  • Crushing Injuries - When the brain is compressed between two objects, there is risk of severe trauma not only to the brain but also to the base of the skull and neck, potentially damaging the spinal cord.

The degree of the damage done depends on the position, force and nature of the impact sustained and will determine the level of recovery that you can expect.

Who can Claim for a Serious Brain Injury?

Anyone who has suffered from a brain injury in the past three years where someone else is to blame will be able to make a compensation claim.

Whether symptoms are short-term or long-lasting,  the injured person deserves to be fully compensated for the pain, inconvenience, financial costs and suffering experienced.

Of course, it is generally the case that people with the most serious of brain injuries rely on others to make the brain injury claim for them

How to make a claim for Brain Injury Compensation?

The first step is to contact one of our Serious injury solicitors.  With multiple offices across the UK, you can talk to one of our Injury Lawyers in Cheshire or our Personal Injury Solicitors in Wales

You can do this by phone, email or by completing the online enquiry form. We will then gather more detailed information from you including where and how the injury occurred, who else was involved and whether there were any witnesses present. We will then be able to advise on how likely you are to have a successful claim, the amount you can expect to receive and what to do next.

We understand that these conversations might be difficult or upsetting for you but we will go at your pace and won’t ever make you feel pressured or rushed. We can arrange face-face meetings with you at home or in hospital, to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as we can and will aim to make the entire process as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you.

PSR Solicitors - Brain Injury Claim experts to trust

We have a reputation right across the industry for being the leading serious personal injury solicitors for North Wales and Cheshire and are highly experienced in this field.

We have worked on some of the most serious and complex types of brain injuries, regularly representing clients who  have been forced into seeking compensation in relation to 

  • Road traffic accidents Brain Injury Claims
  • Workplace accidents brain injury claims
  • Sporting Injust Brain damage claims
  • Falls, particularly from a height
  • Involvement in military action
  • Child brain injury claims
  • Physical assault leading to brain injury

Our accreditation by the Law Society for personal injury services is testament to our skill and expertise in providing quality personal injury advice and we are proud to have also achieved the Lexcel Practice Management Standard for providing excellent legal services to all our clients.

Our personal injury specialists are renowned for achieving excellent results and are adept at dealing with insurance companies, negotiating the full compensation for our clients and helping them navigate the claims process.  Pro-actively working to recover all the damages that you are owed, we will treat you with understanding and empathy, working with a determination and commitment to right the wrongs of your injury as a priority.  

We will provide you with ongoing financial advice, including information about personal injury trusts to protect your money and will arrange interim payments so that you are not out of pocket while your claim is settled. 

By instructing PSR Solicitors, you are guaranteed an exceptional team of personal injury specialists that you can trust to get the results that you deserve.

Our experienced solicitors can help you with a wide range of serious brain injury claims.

So if you have suffered a brain injury in an accident and you want free advice on claiming compensation from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to all on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you won't have any legal costs to pay if your claim is unsuccessful so No Win No Fee = No Risk To You.

Some legal firms don’t use qualified solicitors to deal with brain injury accident claims anymore, at PSR Solicitors however we believe that your case deserves special attention from a dedicated solicitor.

Contact our Brain Injury Solicitors today

We have offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire and you can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.


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