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After the difficulties of dealing with a bereavement, the last thing people want to do is deal with probate and estate administration such as attending to financial matters, informing pension providers, paying bills and disposing of any property within the estate.  That is why we offer a dedicated service to deal with the administration of the estate on your behalf undertaken by our Probate Solicitor Paul Simon Rossiter.

We understand that there are financial constraints to be considered and we are sympathetic to the fact that most estates do not involve a great number of assets or money to be distributed.  That is why we charge a fixed fee dependent upon the value of the estate.  This is because the larger the estate the more assets, life policies, investments, pensions, property etc there are to be collected in and then to be administered to a larger number of beneficiaries.  We are aware that most firms charge by the hour, but we believe in this time of great stress and worry, the least we can do is provide you with the certainty of a fixed fee for undertaking the probate work for you.

Value of Estate:   
up to £250,000     £1,000 + VAT + Disbursements
£250,000 - £500,000  £1,800 + VAT + Disbursements
£500,000 - £1,000,000 £3,000 + VAT + Disbursements

Disbursements will approximately be in the sum of £430.60:

  • Probate court fee of £157
  • £7 Swearing of the oath per executor
  • Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department searches at £2 per beneficiary
  • £84.60 Post in The London Gazette & £180 Post in a Local Newspaper – This helps to protect against unexpected claims. 

We do not charge any upfront fee and we are paid at the end when the matter is settled.  

Once we obtain an initial instruction from you, we will review the estate and provide you with a summary of the work we will undertake.  This will normally involve contacting banks, utility companies, local councils etc and in the meantime preparing legal documents to enable us to register with the Probate Registry for which a fee will be payable.  Dependent upon the value of the estate we may well need to contact HMRC if there are tax considerations.

Once all assets have been collected in, we will then settle any inheritance tax claim, close accounts and policies and collect in any assets that are due to the estate.  We will then settle any liabilities before drawing up a final estate account which will detail all of the assets and liabilities we have administered for the estate.  Once completed and agreed we will then distribute the estate.

Generally, probate work can be taken in and dealt with in 2 to 3 months, however this can vary depending upon the size of the estate and the speed at which third parties, such as banks and insurance companies, return to us.

So if you require a solicitor to help with probate and estate administration then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist probate solicitors ensures that the probate will proceed quickly and with the minimum amount of stress.

We have offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire and you can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you.


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