Have you been involved in a Consumer Rights issue, Civil Litigation or a Dispute?

If so then contact PSR Solicitors to see how we can help you. If you believe you have been wrongly treated and you want to take legal action to resolve a matter and gain compensation, then please contact us.

It may that you are dissatisfied with a purchase you have made or services that have been provided to you, however if you have been wronged then justice should be done and the law should help you to right that wrong.

Our specialist solicitors can help you with everything, from claiming compensation for your losses, including expenses, to remedial action to get your life back on track. Pursuing a civil claim is not something you have to do on your own, you need specialist advice. Trust us to help you.

Our experienced solicitors can help you with a wide range of civil claims such as:

  • Purchases of goods (from tv’s to wedding dresses to cars)
  • Services (professional negligence from a solicitor or surveyor)
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Contentious probate/trust
  • Neighbour/building/business disputes

So if you want free initial advice on claiming compensation from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to. Some legal firms don’t use qualified solicitors to deal with civil claims anymore, at PSR Solicitors however we believe that your case deserves special attention from a dedicated solicitor.

If we believe we can assist you we will invite you to one of our offices to discuss the case in full with one of our experienced litigation solicitors. They will set out the procedure for proceeding, the chances of your case succeeding and the cost associated with the same. As any adverse costs are likely to be payable by you (costs awarded against you) we attempt to negotiate settlement where we can. We have many years of experience of negotiations and if you have a genuine claim against a reasonable person/company then most cases do settle out of court with costs at a minimum. Unfortunately other cases may be complex or of high value or if the defendant is unreasonable, the matter may proceed to court hearing.

We have offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire and you can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.