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 Wrexham Conveyancing Solicitors

If you are about to buy or sell your home or any property in Wrexham. You need the best Conveyancing Solicitors to  help the property sale go smoothly and to ensure your legal rights are protected fully.

PSR Solicitors in Wrexham is accredited by the Law Society to undertake both Residential Conveyancing in Wrexham (house sales and purchases, leases, remortgages, commercial property transactions etc) on a No Move No Fee basis (fixed price low cost fees).  & Personal Injury work on a No Win No Fee basis (maximum compensation & minimum risk) and also conveyancing

The office in Wrexham is headed by senior solicitors Bronwen Lloyd-Roberts and Karl Lewis. It is located in Lord Street next to the bus station in the town of Wrexham. Wrexham has rail links and municipal parking nearby.

Expert Conveyancing Solicitors in Wrexham & North Wales

If you are a  first-time buyer, buying or selling the family home,  or if you are a seasoned property investor , it is crucial to have expert Wrexham Conveyacing Solicitors to help you through the property sale/purchase and transfer.  The sale or purchase of a property can be made a remarkably straightforward and pain-free experience if you choose from from the best Conveyancing Solicitors in Wrexham & North Wales.

With offices across North Wales and Cheshire our Conveyancing Solicitors have offices in Wrexham, Shotton, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay & Ellesmere Port will act quickly and with great attention to detail on you and your family’s behalf. 

At PSR Solicitors our experience and skilled team of Conveyancing Lawyers and supporting teams are committed to providing a smooth, seamless service that will support your sale or purchase right through the process. We will do everything we can to move the property transaction along at the pace you need things to progress at, meaning you call complete on your existing home and move in to your new home as quickly as possible. 

Trust in our Wrexham Conveyancing Lawyers at PSR

PSR Solicitors are dedicated to giving our clients an expert conveyancing service to make all aspects of buying or selling a property run as smoothly as possible whilst also ensuring your interests are always protected. We provide a tried and tested service with fixed fee options available that remove stress and any unwanted surprises from the entire transaction. In addition to residential conveyancing, our expert property solicitors can act for you in many areas of property law, including:

•    Right to buy
•    Re-mortgaging
•    Shared-ownership purchases
•    Transfer of equity
•    Equity release
•    Commercial property conveyancing

Why Choose PSR for Residential Conveyancing in Wrexham?

Our Conveyancing Solicitors in Wrexham are part of one of the largest conveyancing teams in North Wales and Cheshire. As a client of ours, you will always know who exactly is dealing with your sale or purchase at all stages. You will have a dedicated Conveyancing Solicitor contact for every aspect of the transaction, so you can always call the right person if you need to talk or have any questions.

House sales and Purchases can sometimes be a complicated matter. The circumstances surrounding the exact property you intend to buy or sell can add to the complexity i.e. Listed buildings or where a chain of house sales and purchases exist. It will be our overriding objective to look after your sole interests in the best way possible whatever the situation is, covering both the legal and the everyday aspects of the property sale or purchase.

We will communicate directly with other parties and to whatever degree is required whether they be mortgage providers or brokers, estate agents or developers for new-build properties. With PSR, you can be assured our Conveyancing Solicitors will make the process run like clockwork. 

Our Wrexham team Conveyancig Solicitors are complemented by our wider team across North Wales and Cheshire, so we can help with all spects of commercial and residential conveyancing and additional aspects of property law needs right across England & Wales. Our Property Solicitors & Conveyancing Lawyers have accrued in-depth experience in dealing with all aspects of property law including:

•    Freehold and leasehold sales - depending on the type of title, there are individual rights and responsibilities to be aware of. These nuances can have a telling impact on people or their future for the property. We will always fully explain what the implication are for you.
•    Transfers of equity – releasing or transferring equity out of an owned property can be a way for owners to realise other objectives or dreams they may have. We best advise on the suitability and feasibility of equity release schemes
•    Refinancing properties – there are always consequences to re-mortgaging that must be completely understood by a client before they can make informed decisions. Our team have great experience in helping clients find the best solutions for their needs.

Solicitors for Buying a House in Wrexham

If you are looking to a buy a house or property of any kind in Wrexhams, then our qualified conveyancing Solicitors will be happy to talk and ensure your responsibilities and rights are catered for and protected at all stages of the purchase process. 

Once an initial offer of the purchase price is agreed upon we can start the legal process of purchasing your property without delay. Once the contract pack has been provoided to us from the seller’s solicitor we can commence with searches, investigate the legal title to the property and raise any relevant enquiries. 

Solicitors for Selling a House in Wrexham

Once you have found a buyer and you have accepted the offer,  we will liaise with the selling agent and the buyers solicitor straight away. We will send out the contract pack to the buyers solicito in order that they can start to check through the contract and condict the usual searches.  We will also work with the buyers solicitor to conclude the transaction as quickly as possible when initial queries have been satisifed fully. Should you have a mortgage on the property we will liaise with your mortgage lender and redeem the mortgage on completion. Similarly, we will also pay your estate agent (if you have one) on your behalf on completion.


The  Conveyancing Process

The term conveyancing applies to the legal transfer of ownership from one individual to another. No matter what your experience with property sales or purchases, you need the services of a professional and informed Conveyancing Solicitor for each purchase or sale.  The conveyancing process takes shape in 3 core stages:

•    Pre-contract
•    Pre-completion
•    Post completion

It is important that you have professional legal representation at all stages of the sale or purchase of a property. In instructing one of our residential conveyancing solicitors in Wrexham you are guaranteeing yourself first-class legal representation and one where your best interests will be front and centre in all that we do. 

The conveyancing process is structured to ensure you secure full title to the property and / or land, as well as enshrining your legal rights and obligations.  Your conveyancing solicitor will also act to ensure you are aware of any discrepancies or restrictions as well as any planning applications made that may affect your property or local area.  As such our work will include conducting local searches, dealing with the land registry, making any necessary stamp duty payments, drawing up and checking contracts, managing the signature process and finally collecting and transferring funds before the point that finally own your new home. 

Contact our Conveyancing Solicitors in Wrexham.

Whatever your property needs in and around Wrexham, talk to one of our team today. We will be happy to help contact us


Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) - Law Society Accreditation

The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices. Membership establishes a level of credibility for firms with stakeholders such as regulators, lenders and insurers as well as residential homebuyers and sellers.

Since inception in 2011, the CQS has created a trusted community which has helped year on year to deter fraud and continually improve standards across the residential conveyancing sector.

* Excellent client service to all conveyancing clients

* No costs risk with No Move No Fee

* Low cost and quick home moves for all our conveyancing clients

A best practice quality mark that clients can trust. The process of buying and selling a home is probably the largest transaction that most people undertake in their lives. By obtaining CQS accreditation we have demonstrated that our practice has the skill and expertise to provide quality residential conveyancing advice, which reassures you that we are able to provide all the information you need to understand the process, options, costs and timescales from the outset.

Obtaining CQS accreditation also helps to provide access to the lender community, and demonstrates that our firm is able to provide residential conveyancing advice of the level expected by clients, lenders and the wider residential conveyancing community.

We are proud to have achieved the standards of practice and integrity required to be accredited by the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

PSR Wrexham Solicitors is fully compliant with Disability Legislation having wheelchair access and an open plan interview room which can be used for any client unable to safely walk up and down the stairs to the first floor. It is also possible for our solicitors to visit people in their own homes or in hospital if they require and in straightforward cases initial instructions can even be taken over the telephone.


Lexcel - Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation

PSR Solicitors in Wrexham have been accredited by the Law Society under their Lexcel standard. This is a mark of excellence designed to distinguish between different law firms and shows that a firm has met the Law Society's high standards. Lexcel firms such as PSR Solicitors in Wrexham offer:

* Excellent client service to all personal injury clients

* No costs risk with No Win No Fee claims

* Maximum compensation for all of our personal injury clients

Firms are examined thoroughly before being awarded the Lexcel standard and we are very proud that our firm of personal injury solicitors has been recognised as offering the best of service to our clients. As we continue to grow, this recognition should ensure that our commitment to our clients’ remains and we continue to provide excellent customer service.


So if you require free legal advice from an expert Conveyancing Solicitor in Wrexham then contact us now.

We are here to help you.

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