Compensation for baby injured in a nursery

Posted on March 8, 2017   By admin

Compensation For Child Injured In Nursery

Lack of supervision led to accident

PSR Solicitors have successfully obtained £1,500.00 for a baby who was injured in an accident at a nursery. The injury occurred when our Client, who wasn’t even 1 year old at the time of the accident, was left to sit unsupported and she fell back hitting her head on a chair that was situated behind her. Amongst other things we alleged that the Defendant’s apprentice was negligent for failing to move the chair out of the way before sitting baby down and for leaving the baby unsupported as it was foreseeable that the baby could fall back and injure herself. Also, the nursery allowed an apprentice to care for our Client without adequate supervision.

We put our case forward to the Defendant’s insurance company who admitted liability. Medical evidence was then obtained and subsequently compensation was agreed in the sum of £1,500.00. This compensation will now be retained for our Client until she reaches the age of 18.

Unlike some solicitors we ensure that all children (anyone under the age of 18) receives 100% of their compensation with no deductions for legal costs.

If your child has been injured in an accident at a nursery and you want free advice on claiming compensation from a fully qualified personal injury solicitor then please contact us now. Using one of our specialist solicitors ensures that you have a better chance of winning your claim and receiving all of the compensation and help that you are entitled to. Some legal firms don’t use qualified solicitors to deal with nursery accident claims anymore, at PSR Solicitors however we believe that your case deserves special attention from a dedicated solicitor.

We have offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire and you can contact us safe in the knowledge that one of our expert solicitors will take care of everything for you on a No Win No Fee basis allowing you to carry on with your life whilst we proceed with your legal case.