Car Accident Claim Increased from £1,595 to £8,200

Posted on May 3, 2017   By admin

Compensation Claim Increased from £1,595 to £8,200

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This claimant tried to represent himself and this is what the insurers would have let him settle for!

Our client was driving along Chester Road, Middlewich in the early hours of the morning in August 2014. As he was travelling along a third party vehicle drove into the rear of his vehicle at speed causing extensive damage and injury to our client.

Within a matter of days, our client self settled the Defendant’s insurance company for £1,595.00. His injuries had been diagnosed and given a prognosis following a telephone triage with a medical expert. The money was transferred via BACS into his account with no written communication.

Several months after the accident, the client contacted our firm as he was still in severe pain. When we contacted the Defendant’s insurance company they indicated that they would not deal with this matter as it had been settled ‘full and final’. We requested proof of this indication to the Client and the Defendants were unable to provide the same. As such, we instructed our own medical expert.

We thereafter issued court proceedings against the defendant. The defendants immediately put forward an offer of £7,000.00 which was rejected by our client. We thereafter put forward a counter offer and settlement was subsequently agreed in the sum of £8,200.00.

As a result of our client employing our specialist services and our not being satisfied that the Client had been treated fairly, we obtained a correct figure for pain suffering and loss of amenity.

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