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Flip Out Chester - Risk Of Serious Injury?

06 | 02 | 17


Flip Out Chester - Risk Of Serious Injury?

Trampoline Arena - Serious Spinal Injury Accident


More and more back and spinal injuries are occurring at Flip Out and other similar trampoline venues, some of them serious spinal injuries, as the pastime becomes increasingly popular. Some injuries are caused by the equipment itself, some by lack of safety measures and some by contact with another person. Is it a case of breaches of health & safety regulations though or just a consensual risk taken by visitors who may not be used to this type physical activity?

A report from the Liverpool Echo (link below) highlights the case of George Magraw (just one of many people who have been likewise injured) who followed the safety advice provided by the trampoline arena but was still suffered a serious spinal injury. We would argue that there is only so much risk you can consent to and at the end of the day if you follow the safety rules and are still injured then it’s not your fault, it is the fault of the owner/occupier. In this instance Mr Magraw has suffered a serious spinal injury - we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

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